Smart Storage Ideas to Declutter a Small Bathroom

Smart Storage Ideas to Declutter a Small Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than clutter. Especially in small spaces. So, if you have a bathroom that’s a bit on the pokey side, you’ll know the frustrations. Because between your makeup, shaving creams, medicines and bobby pins, there’s a lot to fit in. But is there a way to mitigate the mess and turn this very personal room into a neat, sophisticated sanctuary that radiates wellbeing and calm? Indeed, there is!

Top FCI London interior designer, Cristina Chirila, has some great ideas on how to optimise on storage and make your (small) bathroom beautiful. Read on to find out more.

Why is storage so important in a small bathroom?

A bathroom is one of the most private spaces in a home – a place where we can relax, unwind and free ourselves from the stresses of day-to-day living. And if we want to feel truly pampered and at ease, there’s no place for pandemonium“, says Cristina. “So, storage is everything“.

Finding adequate spaces in which to pack all your toiletries away is about more than just being tidy. Bathrooms are humid, which means that mildew and mould gather easily, making hygiene of prime importance. To ensure your belongings are safe and clean, you have to think about keeping things like spare towels and medicines dry, toothbrushes stored away and shampoos and soaps off the shower floor.

We know it’s not easy when there’s not much room, but the great news is that there are many clever ways to achieve this and do it well.

What should you consider when organising a small bathroom?

The trick to good bathroom storage is to look at your space holistically. You have to really assess the entire room and make sure that you’re using up every spare inch of it. And at the same time, it has to remain stylish“, is Cristina’s advice.

Here are some questions that will help you come up with solutions and organise your space better:

  • Are there areas that are underutilized or that could accommodate extra shelving?
  • Are you making use of both your horizontal and vertical space?
  • Can you store your stuff more efficiently?
  • If you install extra hooks, rails and shelves, will your family use them?
  • Is what you’re planning in terms of extra storage in keeping with the overall look, feel and style of your bathroom?

Simple ways to create space on a budget

If you’re designing a whole new bathroom from scratch, you can really plan properly and work your storage into the structure of the room. But if you’re dealing with an existing space, coming up with ideas that are both simple and clever is key“, says Cristina.

Here are some useful pointers to help you make the most of your available space.

Clear your counters

You need to prioritise your possessions and decide which of them are important and which aren’t. We’re all guilty of hoarding things we really don’t need like bottles of travel soaps from a hotel visit or tubes of almost-used toothpaste that should have been thrown out years ago. So, declutter! Some of these items can be relocated and stored in a bedroom wardrobe or dressing table drawer and a lot of it, let’s face it, belongs in a bin.

Once you’ve sifted through everything, you’ll be able to separate the things you use every day from those that only feature in your life occasionally. Make sure that the must-have items are close at hand and store the rest away in places they can’t be seen. Christina suggests:

  • Using stylish baskets for spare loo rolls or toiletries.
  • Hanging a large mirror with built-in cabinetry above your vanity. Not only will it make your room look bigger, but you’ll be able to hide your razors and toothbrushes away with ease.
  • Finding a little sink caddy, a floor cart or a smart makeup box for your skin and beauty-care items and putting them in a designated space, either below or next to your basin.

Make the height of your bathroom count

There’s a lot of space at eye-level and above that never gets utilised, so it’s time to do just that. We love these classy ideas that won’t break the bank:

  • Roll your towels up rather than folding them. These can then be stored in open cubby shelves along with other small essentials.
  • Buy stackable units – they’ll double the amount of storage space you had previously.
  • Mount retro pegboards on your wall or behind the bathroom door for dressing gowns.
  • Floating shelves are one of the best ways to fill wall space and they can literally be hung anywhere there’s a gap.

Simplify your décor

It’s amazing what a difference smart décor can make to a small bathroom. A few good choices can really open it up and give it some air. Try this:

  • Splash your walls with a bright, light paint to make it feel more spacious and open.
  • Use your bathmat, accessories, towels and shower curtain to introduce a second colour in a complimentary tone.
  • Infuse your bathroom with plants. They encourage calm and add a biophilic element that’s good for the soul.
  • Do away with bulky fittings and fixtures and replace them with sleek, minimalistic units that don’t take up as much space.
  • Make sure that your room is properly illuminated. You’ll need both ambient and task lighting for this.
  • Install sliding doors on all your cupboards so that you don’t have to open anything outwards.

3 Beautiful small bathroom designs that will inspire you

Taking on challenging new design projects is always a highlight for me, especially when it involves finding solutions to space-crunch issues”, says Cristina. Here are three fabulous small bathroom renovations created by the FCI London team that tick all the boxes and will inspire you to do the same:

IMG 5145

In our beautiful Coulins home, we installed fabulous, custom-made cabinetry next to the vanity that utilises vertical space from floor to ceiling. This is ideal for storing linens and other bathroom necessities close at hand.

Redington Road4346

Using a floating vanity in this Redington Road project creates the illusion of space, giving the surrounding wall a sense of openness. This is a far better approach than installing a solid unit that reaches the floor and makes the room feel cramped and crowded. We’ve also chosen a large mirror unit with extra storage space that bounces the light and expands the aesthetics of the entire bathroom.

38 Valley Rd 83

In this stunning Valley Road home, we created recess shelving above the loo which provides much-needed storage space without being imposing. It’s a very underutilised area in any bathroom, so see it as an opportunity if you’re doing your own refurbishment. If you can’t make a structural change to your room, we suggest floating shelves instead.

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