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Best Bedroom Colours For Sleep

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary that promotes serenity and calm. A place where you can escape the trials of a busy day and, even more importantly, where you can get a good night’s sleep

We spoke to FCI senior interior designer, Ben Ibanez, about the best bedroom colours for sleep.

1. Blue

For tranquillity and overall excellent sleep, you can’t go wrong with blue.

“Blue is the best colour for a bedroom because it promotes relaxation and calmness,” says Ben. “And there is actually science behind this. When you see blue, the hypothalamus in your brain produces more melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep, and less cortisol, the stress hormone. So blue is a colour that literally makes your brain relax.”

2. Green

When it comes to the best colours for sleep, green is another popular choice.

“Green creates a sense of balance and harmony as it symbolises nature,” says Ben. “Anything that connects us with nature produces a calming effect. making it ideal for sleep.”

Ben recommends sticking to muted shades such as soft sage green While brighter greens still connect us with nature, bright colours stimulate our brains, making them less conducive to a restful environment.”

3. Yellow

You might not immediately think of yellow when you think of the best colours for sleep, but it is actually a good option.

“Softer shades of yellow replicate gentle sunshine which alleviates stress and promotes tranquillity,” explains Ben. “Choosing muted pastel tones like creamy yellow and warm ivory will help you sleep peacefully.”

Just make sure not to pick bright hues.

“Bright yellow will boosts energy and should be avoided as it has the opposite effect,” Ben says.

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4. Silver

If you prefer more neutral tones on your walls, silver is another great bedroom colour.

“Silver is a great choice to promote sleep as it induces a feeling of calm,” says Ben. “Unlike darker grey tones which promote depressive feelings, a soothing light grey-silver is a gentle, neutral shade. Be sure to choose a matte silver colour, however. Shiny silver will reflect particles of light and keep you awake.”

If you find grey too bland as a wall colour, Ben recommends adding contrast and interest in the form of artwork and wall hangings.

5. White

Many houses already have white-painted walls. If your bedroom walls are white, there is good news – white is a good colour for sleep.

“White is a simple, neutral colour that doesn’t create strong feelings or distracting sensations, making it a good choice of colour for sleep,” says Ben. “Ad added bonus is that it is a very versatile colour and can be used in any type of bedroom as it goes well with everything.”

Ben goes on to say that if you find white walls a bit boring, you can choose bedding in soft pastels shades to add colour without disturbing the peace.

6. Pink

The final recommendation for our best colours for sleep is pink.

“You might not think of pink for bedrooms because it has red undertones, but soft pinks represent tenderness and promote an overall feeling of calm and safety,” says Ben. “If your life is stressful, adding some light pink finishes to your bedroom can bring some sweetness into your space.”

In Conclusion

At FCI, we’ve been designing bedrooms for almost 40 years. We know how to assess your space and help you choose the best colours for sleep. Plus we have a range of gorgeous bedroom furniture to flatter any room design. Get in touch with our designers today and start your road to better sleep!

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