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In case you are not planning for a home-remodel any time soon and are wondering what to do with all those things stuffed in the drawers do not worry. If you have no way of getting new drawers, make use of the ones you have and make them look better than they ever have, by transforming the inside. You can easily give your drawers a makeover using shiny new organizers or you can simply use repurposed crafty ones. Below are some five clever ways you can transform the inside of your drawers.

  1. Diagonal or pegboard dividers

Diagonal dividers are a great way to partition your drawers and you will notice instant space. The best thing about them is that you get many different sized cubic spaces to store all your gear. You can place different sized cooking spoons in each space for easy access because you will always know what is placed where. On the other hand, when it comes to pegboard dividers, you can cut one into size and fit it with long dowels. This can be used to keep your utensils like dishes sorted in an organized manner.

  1. Vertical cutlery storage

If some of your drawers are deep enough, you can divide the space vertically so as to have many deep spaces where you can store different types of cutlery. Actually, if you use this method to sort your silverware, you will easily double the amount you have right in those spaces.

  1. Dentil molding dividers

If you feel up to a DIY project, you can get some dentil molding at a cheap price at home stores. Using some acrylic materials cut into size, you will easily have adjustable dividers for whichever drawer you like in the house. You will easily find a tutorial for this on the internet and you will discover how easy it actually is. Once done, you will not even want a remodel.

  1. Shoebox organizers

If you have some shoeboxes lying around, you could easily make good use of them to decorate your drawers. Small cardboard boxes could also work and you can use them to sort your clothes in your dresser.

  1. Knife block inserts and spice rack inserts

Having knife block inserts in one of your kitchen drawers will not only be organizational but it could prevent you from cutting yourself while removing a knife in a crammed up drawer. Spice rack inserts can be bought in stores or you can easily make your own using wedge-shaped pieces.

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