Bedrooms are places where we relax, unwind and rejuvenate ourselves after a long day in our increasingly busy lives. A good night’s sleep is an important function of your bedroom, but it plays a bigger role than being home to a comfortable bed.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place where you feel safe and comfortable. It should be a place where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life and take a moment to breathe. Everything from your colour scheme to your choice of furniture should help create a feeling of tranquility.

Modern Bedroom Designs

The best place to start when planning your bedroom is with a mood board. Our first step is to create a collage for you with samples of the things you like, from paint swatches and fabric samples to Pinterest pictures of furniture and decor ideas. This will  both inspire you and help to guide your bedroom vision. 

Choosing the right colours and materials is crucial. Your colour palette should encompass everything from the walls and wardrobes to the headboard and carpets. It will also extend to your linens and accessories. We’ll help you pick out a base colour and accents that work together in harmony.

Once you’ve decided on a colour palette, we’ll get to work on a floor plan. We’ll help you select larger furniture items like a bed and wardrobe as well as smaller items like accent chairs and bedside tables.

Bedroom Decor

When it comes to the positioning of your furniture, it’s essential that we create a flow that will make your bedroom feel as spacious as possible. This includes ample walkways around your bed and space for smaller items that can quickly make a room feel cluttered, like bedside tables. We’ll help you plan clever storage designs, like vertical bookcases and floating shelves.

Finally, we’ll source the perfect accessories that reflect your style and personality. Accent chairs, pillows, throws, rugs and artwork create an ideal opportunity for you to make your bedroom uniquely yours. 


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