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We are happy to work with our clients’ architects and builders or we can provide these services ourselves. We work with a number of different building teams and can also help clients prepare tender documents for larger projects.

Similar to house interior design, project management and construction require specialised knowledge and skills, especially in large and complicated projects. There is certainly an advantage when you hire a project manager because then you are assured that the professional you have hired has the appropriate skills, knowledge and training needed to do the job right.

There is a lot of potential for problems and mistakes in most construction and remodelling projects regardless of their size which will inevitably lead to significant delays and higher project costs. So, if you can, hire project and construction managers and, when choosing them, take time to evaluate the services they offer.

FCI Interior Design offers you the flexibility that other companies do not. If you have already hired architects and builders, they can work with them, ensuring that your house interior design will meet and exceed your expectations. Unlike other firms, they don’t demand that you hire all the construction and design services you need from them. However, if you are still looking for a building team, FCI Interior Design will provide it for you. Consider this interior design company as your one-stop shop, providing you with what you need for all your design and construction work, from project management to furniture and product sourcing.

The benefit of hiring a project manager is that design decisions are carefully analysed and calculated to minimise any detrimental impact on budget and schedule. Project managers are also adept in foreseeing problems and preparing solutions or preventative measures. They have contingency plans that you, without their input and recommendations, may have otherwise overlooked. When problems are averted and risks are minimised you can save money and time.

Whether you are looking into fast-track projects or not, a project manager in place will ensure the best interior design for your project and that it is finished to the highest possible standards, in a timely manner, on budget and with fewer issues.

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