Living Rooms

Living rooms are the most frequently used space in your home. They’re where your family and friends spend the majority of their time, so it makes sense to ensure they’re well designed and thoughtfully furnished.

When designing your living room, the first thing we’ll ask you is what your main focus is. Is it a place to relax in the evenings and watch your favourite shows or will it form an essential part of your entertainment space? 

Once you’ve decided what you want to use your living room for, we’ll help you plan the design around the size of the room. You should aim to create enough space for everyone to move around comfortably while keeping clutter to a minimum.

How To Design a Living Room 

The first step is to create a floor plan for how you want your living room to look and function. Draw out a rough sketch on paper that includes the dimensions of the room, any furniture you intend to use and the location of doors and windows. Remember to add special focal points such as a  fireplace, a window seat or a built-in bookshelf.

The second step is to determine how many people (and pets!) your living should comfortably hold. Do you need sofa seating for just your family or will you be adding extra chairs for guests? If you have yung kids, you may want to consider less expensive furniture until they’re older, or at least seating that is easy to clean.

The next thing to consider is what furniture you would like to include in your living room. You can browse our exensive ranges of living room furniture for inspiration including sofas, armchairs, ottomans, coffee tables, side tables, storage options, lighting and accessories like mirrors and vases for decoration.

Your Living Room, Your Way

Our designers will take your individual personality and style when helping you plan your living room design. If your taste runs to the dramatic and you’re a fan of extravagant Louis XIV furnishings, we’ll help you find a statement piece that will glow like the sun.

If your space is small with little natural light, we’ll  show you how to brighten it up and make it feel more airy and spacous.

We’ll bring in plants and natural furnishings if you’re someone who likes to commune with nature. Whatever your choice, we will work with you to bring your vision to life on time and within budget.  

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