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We believe that good lighting can be the difference between the mundane and the exceptional and we put a lot of emphasis in spending time understanding this. Lighting design is a critical element to creating the rest of the interior layout and must be done as a part of the space planning and not bolted on at the end.

Home lighting is often an afterthought.  People don’t really consider hiring a lighting designer.  However, lighting plays a vital role in good interior design.  The right placement of lighting in a space can turn the best interior design into something superb, which is why interior design companies give emphasis to lighting.

You can paint with light. You can set the mood with light. You can truly appreciate your surroundings with light. The right lighting can bring life and energy to a living room interior design. It can highlight the best features of a house’s interior design. Good lighting can:

  • Enhance the overall colour scheme of a room – soften the wall colours, illuminate the ceilings and floor
  • Highlight specific elements in any setting through directional lighting – a painting, plants, accessories, objects d’art
  • Create an illusion of space where there is none – make ceilings appear taller, make rooms look larger than they actually are

Most importantly, good lighting can add functionality when installed in the right place ensuring spaces are used to their full capacity, for example, allowing tasks to be completed in kitchens and helping to avoid eye strain in studies or living rooms.  Lighting should have a purpose that goes beyond illumination.

Good lighting design not only takes into account the placement of lighting and the interaction between natural and artificial light but also the light fittings and lamps themselves.  The best interior designers in London can help with all of this.

The best lighting designer will spend time in understanding the difference between ordinary and exceptional lighting, your requirements and the capability of your space to meet your needs. They will work with top interior designers in London to create the most stunning and functional effect.

Home lighting should not be an afterthought. Make sure you consult a lighting designer to bring out the full potential of your space.

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