Cristina Chirila
Senior Interior Designer.

Cristina Chirila

Romanian-born Cristina has been obsessed with interior design since before she could talk, frequently rearranging the interiors of her dolls house in an early indication of her career choice.

Her other passion is cooking, where she can be found applying her design inspirations into Masterchef quality dishes. 

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Cristina Chirila, FCI Designer

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Cristina Chirila joined FCI in 2014. She started off in fashion, combining her love of design with her childhood penchant for making her own clothes. As her career progressed, she found her designer’s eye drawn to interiors instead of clothes and eventually made the successful switch.

Cristina studied interior design in Romania before she was drawn to find inspiration and adventure in the great city of London. Her greatest strength is her surreal sixth sense for finding the perfect furnishings for any project, an asset that sees her in high demand by both clients and teammates.

A quietly passionate vegan, Cristina’s other talent is creating chef-quality plantbased dishes for her friends and family. She is a committed runner and can often be found participating in races around London. 

Cristina is known in the office for her straight-talking quips, frequently spicing up morning team meetings by sugarcoating absolutely nothing!  Her loyalty to and support of her team are second to none

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On luxury homes

“Luxurious homes look as good on the outside, as they do on the inside.” – Cristina Chirila

On decluttering your home

“Decluttering has invaluable positive effects on your mental health, productivity and the use of the spaces in your home. Less really is more – more space is less waste.”  – Cristina Chirila

On choosing the right coffee table

“Don’t go crazy accessorising your coffee table; modern interior design is all about understated elegance. II like to keep it simple with some books, a vase of fresh flowers or a decorative tray of objects in various sizes for visual interest. If the rest of the room is neutral, I would go for sophisticated but colourful accessories on the coffee table.” – Cristina Chirila

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