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Best bathroom colours for 2023

If you’re refurbishing your home and are interested in the best bathroom colours for 2023, look no further. Our top design expert, Ricardo Jarjoura, is at the forefront of all the latest industry trends and has put this exciting guide together to help inspire your choices and help give your personal space a dynamic new aesthetic.

Why are bathroom colours so important?

“Colour is a vital aspect to any home décor project and has a significant influence on your overall experience in each room”, says Ricardo.

In fact, science has proved that different hues can change both your outlook and mood which is why, when you’re planning such a private area, bathroom colours are so fundamental.

What to look out for when choosing bathroom colours for your home

Aside from personal choice, there are a number of influences that should be taken into consideration before choosing a bathroom colour palette.

“You have to weigh up the whole room, look at aspects like natural light and really think about where you’re going in the long term”, advises Ricardo.

Here are some helpful pointers:

Size matters:

Colours have a definite bearing on size perception. The rule of thumb is that if you have a small room, darker shades will make it look even more cramped while lighter tones will create a feeling of space and airiness.

Set the tone:

Consider its purpose. Is it going to be used by the whole family and therefore needs something bright and vibrant? Are you trying to create a more refined setting for guests by choosing dark greys or navys? Will it become an adults-only spa-like experience in a more subdued colour palette to encourage deep relaxation?

Choose a style:

Yes, Scandi and Japandi are in, but if they don’t suit the style of the rest of your home, don’t go that route. It’s crucial to make sure that every room is well-considered and that you have a central theme throughout, so find bathroom colours that complement your current aesthetics.


It may be the furtherest thing from your mind, but bathrooms are a high-traffic area and get grubby and cluttered pretty quickly. Bottom line? Find a colour scheme that doesn’t show the dirt too easily.

Plan for the future:

In the world of interior design, things go in and out of vogue regularly, so instead of picking out something hot and happening, think about what you can live with well into the future. For inspiration, read our article on the latest bathroom trends for 2023.

Our top 5 bathroom colour picks for 2023

As interior designers we all love fashion-forward aesthetics and this year is no different. “The exciting news is that the top bathroom colours for 2023 are so popular that it looks like they’ll be here to stay for quite some time”, enthuses Ricardo. So from a longevity point of view, any of the following five will be an excellent choice:

Dusky Pink:

Gentle pink tones are in with blush, rose and dusky shades topping the leaderboard. “Not only do they infuse bathroom spaces with a sense of sophistication and ease, but they are also the perfect match for the latest trend of using metallics as accent colours”, says Ricardo. Think rose gold mirror frames or bright brass faucets and cabinet handles.

Oceanic blue:

“Blue is the colour of water, so it stands to reason that several versions of this wonderfully calming bathroom colour is a no-brainer”, confirms Ricardo. If you’re not keen on the more vibrant tones, find a softer baby blue or go more refined with a dark shade. All of them pair beautifully with white, cream and wooden accents.

Sage green:

Various greens have been on trend for quite some time now, but there’s a leaning toward softer tones going into 2023, with Sage being a number one contender. “Nothing beats green if you’re looking for calm”, is Ricardo’s personal view. Mix it with darker hues or pair it with earthy colours or even blue for a well-considered biophilic-inspired bathroom aesthetic.

Black and white:

Ever the classic, a black and white bathroom colour combination has been around for decades and is most certainly here to stay. Why? “Because it makes a statement”, answers Ricardo. Perfect for minimalistic spaces, this versatile choice allows you to add pops of colour if desired and will enable you to change up your overall style from retro to modern and everything in between.

Earthy shades:

From hazelnut and taupe to off whites and creams, muted, earthy colours are in. In Ricardo’s professional opinion, not only are they timeless and inviting, but they are colours that connect us to nature and therefore infuse our spaces with a sense of welcoming and tranquility. Layering various combinations of them is a wonderful way to add richness to your overall design. Or go for something dark and moody like terracotta.

In conclusion

Planning your bathroom colours is a process and can make or break your room. So if you’re looking for some top advice, give one of our expert designers a call today. Or pop into our showroom and let us show you how to splash out on style.

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