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Rustic interior design finds its roots in nature. It aims to capture and emphasise the beauty and unrefined simplicity of the outdoors.

It features natural materials that are often handmade or finished in neutral colours, as well as simple, shabby chic or distressed furniture.

Rustic design highlights earthy textures and materials such as stone and wood that imbues your space with comfort and warmth. T

The Furniture

Rustic furniture consists primarily of wood, reclaimed lumber and stone. Bamboo, rattan, sisal, nubby cotton, wool, paper, glass, clay and numerous types of metal are also frequently combined to exaggerate the look.

Heirlooms, flea market finds, DIY projects, folk art,  inherited collections, found items and vintage pieces fit perfectly into rustic decor, providing conflicting textures, patterns and colours. Metal-worked furniture is another popular choice for rustic style.

When thinking of seating, pick cosy armchairs that you can curl up in with a scattering of textured cushions for warmth and comfort.

The Architecture

The rustic look features wooden beams and columns as well as hardwood or stone flooring. If these don’t already exist in your home, we can help you put up faux beams or columns to achieve the look. We offer a wide range of project management and construction services that can help you achieve a rustic design in your home.

The Accessories

When planning decor and accessories for your rustic interior, take inspiration from the American homesteaders of the early nineteenth century. They had simple homes that provided a comforting space in which they could relax a long day at work. Hang copper pots and pans on hooks in your kitchen where they form part of the decoration.

Fill your open shelves with mason jars of grains and preserves. Choose a kitchen countertop of raw wood with rough edges. Add wrought iron mirrors, metal doorknobs or a stone fireplace.

If you’re DIY savvy, make small furnishing like side tables and fruit bowls instead of buying them. It will give your space a sense of authenticity that harks back to farm-style cabins and simply country houses of old.

Finally, adding rough woven throws and handmade, raw fibre rugs rugs will complete your rustic interior design aesthetic.

5 Features of Rustic Interior Design

These are the 5 most important components of rustic decor style.

  1. Raw materials: As we’ve mentioned, natural materials are all the rustic rage. Combine wood, stone, marble and terracotta with soft furnishings made from plaid and faux fur. This is the time for recycled materials to shine, so browse your local furniture manufactures for craftsman using pallets and plastic to create unique, environmentally friendly pieces.
  2. Plants: Adding vibrant green plants will open up your space with a splash of bright color while creating a forest feel. Cascading plants in hanging baskets and dried flower wreaths not only look beautiful, they also evoke a feeling of nostalgia for simpler times.
  3. Earthy colours: Browns, greens, greys and gold palettes will give your space a cosy feeling that resembles the outdoors. Look to your garden or a forest for inspiration on how to combine the colours for a wonderfully organic environment.
  4. Animal Prints: Animal-print rugs and leather seating will enhance your rustic interior in a subtle way. At FCI, we have a custom rug division where you can create your own rug, from the size and material to a design of your choice.
  5. Warm ambience: A rustic living space should feel welcoming and warm. If you can’t have a stone fireplace, place candles around your living room will add a gentle glow and romantic atmosphere. Scented candles are even better – choose sandalwood, cedarwood, rose or eucalyptus to bring the aroma of the outdoors inside. Hot tip: natural candles made from soy or beeswax produce less smoke than paraffin candles, making them ambient and eco-friendly.
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