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2023 Interior Design Trends We’re Excited About

In preparation for the new year, the FCI London team is busy transforming our showroom to reflect the biggest trends on their radar.

As the large space evolves, it is becoming increasingly clear that 2023 will be nothing short of vibrant and dramatic!

 One of our lead interior designers, Jessica Alvarez, shares how we can expect to see spaces that are “more intentional and energetic.”

This is what made it to her top four watchlist.

1. Art Deco is Making A Comeback

Art decor 2023 interior design trend

“The sun has set on minimalism,” she begins. The design world is taking a journey back to the 20s with a renewed interest in more ornate decorative styles. All the iconic elements of this era such as geometric patterns, bold colours and symmetrical design, will be returning to our homes.

You can expect to see a combination of Art Decor and Mid-Century being used to introduce fun and energetic elements into spaces.

From glamorous powder rooms to rich living areas, this trend will be a complete contrast to the neutral spaces we’ve been seeing.

2. Dedicated Wellness Spaces At Home

luxury bathrooms 2023 interior design trend

“Conversations about how interior design can improve our sense of wellness have always been important to me.” Jessica Codejon Alvarez

As such, this trend is one I will be dedicating a lot of time to. Already, at FCI, we are seeing a rise in clients who want us to introduce dedicated wellness spaces into their homes or workplaces.  This includes fully equipped gyms, and state of the art spas – complete with steam rooms, plunge pools and yoga areas.

The noise and stress from the outside world can be overwhelming. It is important that homes become sanctuaries where one finds peace, stillness and calmness. 

Aside from these rooms, this theme will also be communicated in our use of lighting, choice of materials and the volume of furniture used in each area,” she concludes.

3. Organic Materials in Imperfect Shapes

We already saw an influx of natural materials in home decor this year. Next year, the look will be elevated to reflect a more artistic and demure flair.

Instead of polished and refined ornaments, there will be a shift towards a raw, yet refined quality.

These textures will be seen in features such as lighting, crockery and tables. Forget traditional shapes, this trend is all about choosing soft, curvaceous pieces that mimic the undulations and bulges found in nature.

These works of art will look great in rich mineral tones and should be combined with metals for visual complexity.

4. Lavender

Lavender 2023 interior design trend

Last on my list is Lavender. Like many designers, when Pantone declared it as its colour of the year 2023, I welcomed the news with open arms. 

I’m inspired by their spring-summer palette which includes a dark grape and shades of blue and green. 

There is a futuristic element to the colour and designers will explore endless ways to interpret it in different spaces.

A softer version of it speaks of self care and relaxation, whilst its darker shades are more vibrant. Unsure how to bring this colour into your home? I recommend swapping your neutral sofa for a purple design. This will be a sure way to refresh and re-energise your living room!

Meet Jessica Codejon Alvarez

fCI Interior Designer on 2023 trends

Originally from Seville in Spain, Jessica studied architecture and interior design in Ecuador before completing her master’s in commercial spaces in Madrid.

She specialises in creating beautiful contemporary kitchens. She is also our secret social media weapon with a knack for taking the most Instagrammable photos.

Interior Design That Transforms Spaces

At FCI, we believe in the power of interior design to transform spaces. By forging positive spaces that bring genuine happiness to the people who inhabit them, we hope to inspire a community of people to pay it forward.

We’ve been designing interiors and exteriors in both private and commercial spaces for almost 40 years. Our skilled team can offer you a range of individual services or the full interior design package. We’ll draw up 3D plans for your new kitchen, create a custom colour palette for your walls and floors or simply help you find your perfect sofa match. 

No job is too small and no request is too complicated. We can help you draw your design dream and we’ll work closely with you to bring that vision to life.

In addition to our interior design services, we have a wide collection of high quality furniture and accessories that includes on trend and classic designs.

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about your design requirements. You can call or whatsapp us or pop into our London showroom – we’re open 7 days a week.

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