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How We Used Our Favourite Bookcases As Room Dividers

Bookcases come in all shapes, sizes and designs. You can use them practically as storage units or decoratively as a place to show off stylish accessories. Our interior designers went a step further and combined the benefits of these shelves to create inspired, modern room dividers. Here are some of our team favourites!

L Shaped Floor to Ceiling Bookcase To Create A Private Space

FCI Interior Designer: Cristina Chirila

“Our client had a room that was too big to be functional,” Christina begins, so we had the thought of adding a floor-to-ceiling L shaped bookcase, to create two quasi-rooms.

I noticed that not only were they bookworms, they also collected a lot of beautiful stone, clay and marble ware from their travels all around the world.

This stylish unit allowed us to display their valuable novels and ornaments. By adding a solid divider to the space, we were able to bring privacy to the dining area and allow their kids to freely use the living space on the other side of the division.

The result was a cosy eating area that has been brought to life by the different shapes and colours that are showcased on the shelves. What was once a cold, lifeless space, is now more functional and warm.

Using Unassuming Shelves As A Partial Divider

FCI Interior Designer: Jessica Codejon Alvarez

Bookcases don’t always have to be tall and dramatic. When faced with the task of zoning out this living space from the dining and kitchen area, a partial divider made sense.

The area wasn’t large, and it had a very sophisticated yet demure feel to it, so a bulky unit would have been an eye sore. These two pieces joined up to bring some contrast and edge to the light colour palette, whilst still allowing for visual continuation of the space.

Solid walls would have definitely made the living room feel small. However, this discrete division allows the two spaces to communicate.We love that we were able to set a clear boundary without blocking the flow of light.

“The masculine materials used to make this bookshelf add just the right amount of depth to this home.” Jessica Codejon Alvarez

Glass Shelving For A Modern Minimalist Aesthetic

FCI Interior Designer: Benjamin Ibanez

I love working in spaces that have large windows and lots of light, so this project was an exciting one for me.

In both these homes, the goal was to break up the bright expansive space and create a separate dining area. With such stunning views from the full size glass panels, we had to find a room divider that wouldn’t obstruct that panorama.

“These modern minimalist bookcases were just the right fit,” Benjamin Ibanez remarks. They boldly stand out from the monochromatic interior without being unwieldy or cumbersome.

Apart from the views, we were able to maintain light flow and also allow intercommunication from individuals on either side of the divider.

These pieces also set the tone for the styling of the room. Their clean lines are true to a modern interior and will serve as anchors to the design statement.

Adding Character To A Neutral Palette

FCI Interior Designer: Ricardo Jarjoura

In a case of aesthetics over function, the dividers in these rooms mainly serve a decorative purpose.

We were perfectly happy with the size and layout of the individual areas, but the whole look appeared a bit bland. Being very minimalist spaces, we didn’t want to disrupt them with anything too dominant.

The clear glass bookcase almost looks like it is gracefully floating in the room. Equally, the stained glass of the arched unit allows it to disappear into the flooring.

“These striking and elegant pieces of shelving each became talking points of the workspaces,” Ricardo Jarjoura says. As such, each gave the room a focal point that was previously missing.

We complimented the shelves with near monochromatic accessories to maintain the harmony in the room.

What stunning statement pieces!

Interior Design Transforms Spaces

At FCI, we believe in the power of interior design to transform spaces. By forging positive spaces that bring genuine happiness to the people who inhabit them, we hope to inspire a community of people to pay it forward.

We’ve been designing interiors and exteriors in both private and commercial spaces for almost 40 years. Our skilled team can offer you a range of individual services or the full interior design monty. We’ll draw up 3D plans for your new kitchen, create a custom colour palette for your walls and floors or simply help you find your perfect sofa match. 

No job is too small and no request is too complicated. We can help you draw your design dream and we’ll work closely with you to bring that vision to life.

In addition to our interior design services, we have a wide range of storage solutions from leading international brands. Our catalogue includes premium bookcases, drinks cabinets, TV units and sideboards.

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about your design requirements. You can call or whatsapp us or pop into our London showroom – we’re open 7 days a week.

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