How Combining Textures and Warm Colours Will Warm Your Home

How Combining Textures and Warm Colours Will Warm Your Home

The hills are alive with the shades of autumn! It’s the perfect time to add cosy textures and pumpkin spice hues to your home in preparation for the oncoming winter. We adore an autumn home refresh – think warm terracotta colours, furry pillows and smoky finishes.

At FCI, we’ve been designing interiors for almost 40 years. Here our senior designer, Cristina Chirila, explains how to combine textures and warm colours to warm your home this autumn.

1. The psychology of colour and how it can affect your mood

Autumn is the perfect time to decorate your home because the colour palette is jampacked with warm, earthy shades.

“Interior designers know how to use colour to create a particular mood,” says Cristina. “Colours that go together are called colour harmonies. When you use a combination of harmonious colours, it creates a feeling of calm and balance in a space.”

She goes on to explain that colour psychology is the study of how certain colours evoke certain moods. “Colours are strongly associated with moods and feelings. Golden yellows, soft oranges, muted reds, browns with yellow undertones and honeyed neutrals, for example, all fall into the same autumn colour palette that evokes happiness and comfort. Decorating a room with these colours will make the room feel like it’s giving you a hug.

Designers use a colour wheel to see which colours work well together and which ones won’t. Choosing the wrong contrasting colours can make a room feel permanently off-kilter, like a spirit level that is never quite centred.

2. How to use colour in your home without breaking the bank

Adding colour to your space doesn’t need to be expensive or labour intensive. From new artwork to accent cushions, a few pops of colour can transform your space into an enchanting place that feels inviting and welcoming.

“People often assume that they have to paint an entire room to make a significant change,” says Cristina. “But that’s not the case. It’s the small decor elements that make all the difference. Plus, you can easily update them if you change your mind at a later stage or if you enjoy decorating by season.”

She recommends adding a fluffy rug for comfort, new artwork in your chosen shades that reflects your style and some mood lighting to enhance the colour scheme of your room.

Combining textures and warm colours to add warmth to a room

3. Examples of different colour schemes that will work in any room

Earthy tones work in absolutely any room and are easy to update with brightly coloured accent pieces. Cristina mentions furniture pieces in natural materials like wood, bamboo, wood and even rattan.

“The 70s are back in a big way!” she says. “70s-style interior is a major player in 2022’s design trends. From browns and oranges to heavy patterns and checkerboard squares, this translates to cosy interiors that are perfect for autumn. Everyone wants that nostalgic vibe and we are here for it.”

Using natural hues and earthy tones gives you a great base to work from no matter what time of year. If you want to change the look of the room further down the line, you can do so with accessories, eliminating the need for costly redecorating.

4. Tips for incorporating texture into your home décor

“This one is easy,” says Cristina. “Start with soft furnishings. Bed linen, pillows, scatter cushions, throws and rugs can all be mixed and matched to create a variety of textures that is playful, warm and affordable.”

Coloured glass finishes are also a creative way to create the illusion of texture in tabletops and cabinet doors. In Fall, dark grey smoke and dusky off-white shades add atmosphere without darkening the room.

5. How to create a cohesive look throughout your house

Cohesion is key for an overall feeling of tranquillity. If your living room has natural materials and plants while your bedroom is all pink leopard print and gaudy gold furniture, it will create a jarring effect when you move through your home.

“Along with harmonious colours and layered textures, you also want to choose a style and stick with it,” says Cristina. “Maybe you like the rustic look or you want your home to exude a beach house aesthetic. Perhaps you want distinctly modern and contemporary all the way through. The important thing is that it flows from room to room so it doesn’t feel haphazard and confusing to spend time in.”

In Conclusion

At FCI, we’ve been designing interiors of all styles since 1985 and we know a thing or two about design harmony.

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about colour palettes, furniture requirements and any other design dream you might have.

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