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Anyone who keenly followed the interior design and decorating trends in 2015 would find it hard to imagine that anything better is going to come up in 2016. Yet, the world of interior design and decorating trends is an ever evolving one. New ideas and trends are constantly being predicted, initiated, and actualized. As such, interior designers and home owners ought to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends. Surprisingly, some of the most popular interior design and decorating trends are not new inventions, but rather, they are trends and styles from yester years that have been fused with modern creativity.


  • Outdoor upholstery used indoors; a few years back, upholstery was mostly used for outdoor furniture like garden furniture. However, this trend is gaining popularity and most owners are using the upholstery to cover furniture indoors. The end result is always a unique and durable piece of furniture.
  • Natural stones/ tiles; while these are not new trends, interior designers have become more creative with them. You’ll find most homes with nicely fitted natural stones and tiles not just on the bathroom floor, but on the bathroom walls, on the fireplace, on kitchen desk tops, and even on hallways. These stones are aesthetically superior compared to anything else that you can use at home. In fact, the tiles are coming in extra large sizes, compared to the traditional small sized ones.
  • Stainless steel; the era when shiny stainless appliances were the way to go has been passed by time. Today, black is the color that’s making a buzz round many homes. Nothing stands out like a kitchen furnished with black or colored stainless steel. If you can proceed and paint your kitchen rooms in colors that are not so bright or shouting, the kitchen even looks better.
  • Sliding doors; sliding doors have also gained much popularity as an interior design trend. Gone are the days when a door had to be just a door; sliding doors are unique, more aesthetically attractive, not to mention the fact that they greatly help home owners to save space.
  • Heated entryways; traditionally, bathroom floors in most homes have been heated, but this trend is finding its way to the entryway. You can decide to heat the entryway if you live in a very cold area, so that guests can effortlessly have their boots and shoes melted of any ice.


The best thing about interior design and decorating trends is that they are constantly changing; all you need to do is to keep yourself informed of these trends most of which are all over the internet.

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