7 Exciting Lighting Design Trends for 2023: Serip Sitting Room

7 Exciting Lighting Trends for 2023

Décor aficionados will tell you that lighting can make or break a room, bringing both basic function and subtle nuances to your interior and exterior spaces. In fact, top FCI London designer, Ricardo Jarjoura, deems it to be one of the most important elements in any home refurbishment project and is constantly on the lookout for exciting new industry developments.

“How you illuminate a room can alter everything about it from the mood it creates to your perception of colour, depth, proportion and space. I believe it has the power to influence each aspect of design and determine its final outcome”, he explains.

2023 will see an increased focus on the art of good lighting – here are 7 of the hottest trends that Ricardo believes will take the world by storm.

1. Subscribe to sustainability


Sustainable design is a global endeavour that is touching every aspect of how we craft our interiors, and lighting is no exception. From the materials we use to their form and function, an eco-friendly approach is one of the main focal points of the new year.

“It’s not just emulating nature in the pattern of a lampshade or creating chandeliers that look like water droplets, we need to really consider how we generate light and whether the components used are mindful”, says Ricardo. Here are some tips that will help you play your part:

  • Use LED bulbs as often as possible.
  • Find lampshades that are made from natural materials like fabric, glass, metal, leather, recycled paper and bamboo.
  • Install dimmers – they will enable you to increase or decrease light intensity as the occasion demands.
  • Fit presence detectors in your hallways and passages.
  • Furnish your patio and driveways with solar lights.
  • Find biophilic designs that help bring the outside in.

2. Flip the Switch on Art Deco

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Art Deco is back and booming, so dust off your grandmother’s pendants from the 1930s or find your own statement piece to brighten up your home.

“It’s a celebration of symmetry and geometry”, enthuses Ricardo. “A genre that radiates positivity and hope – which is exactly what we all need after three years of uncertainty”.

Brass, gold, chrome and other noble metals are all key elements, giving your space a sense of charm, sophistication and opulence. Geometric shapes and symmetrical forms are common features of Art Deco lighting, so look out for repeat patterns that create interest and detail.

3. Find flawless floor lamps

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Floor lamps continue to be the sweethearts of the design world, bringing dimension and interest to any space. In Ricardo’s opinion, “They are the perfect way to fill a gap, light up dark corners, create height and add bags of character, so they’re unlikely to go out of style any time soon”.

This year’s pickings range from graceful, minimalistic profiles to distinctive objects d’art, so pick one you love in a trending colour or find something with a shade made from wicker or rattan for a more natural look. And make sure you put it to good use – they function brilliantly as task lighting.

For more insight, read our article on 5 ways floor lamps enrich a room.

4. Nothing beats natural

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Never underestimate the power of natural lighting. “It may not seem like a trend, but it’s one of the most sought-after sources of illumination in any discerning interior designer’s book”, says Ricardo.

Not only does it alter your mood, boost your energy levels and infuse a sense of wellness, but it also creates happy, airy spaces that look more expansive than they are.

Capitalise on it by doing the following:

  • Pick light curtains, install blinds and avoid window treatments.
  • Choose furniture that is reflective, clear or is made from a paler fabric.
  • Mount big mirrors on your walls.
  • Bring in lots of greenery – it will freshen up your space and help you to connect with the outside world.
  • Focus on your flooring. Light woods or bright tiles will make a massive difference.

5. Layer your lighting

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Creating different lighting zones through stylistic layering is becoming a popular trend and helps to highlight bespoke features in your home. You could use an accent light to show off a beautiful sculpture, a task lamp to emphasise a reading nook and more substantial ambient lighting to illuminate the rest of your room, for example.

Ricardo believes “It creates different nuances, giving your spaces personality and depth that you can’t obtain from a single light source”.

If you’re dying to give this technique a bash but aren’t sure where to start, read our guide to contemporary interior lighting design.

6. Bring in some black

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If you’re working on lighting up your kitchen, dining space or living room, black is definitely in. Look for sleek, matte finishes that add a suave, contemporary feel to a more monochromatic colour scheme.

“There’s nothing smarter than a black light in a clean, uncomplicated design” says Ricardo. “They add a simple confidence to your aesthetics, encouraging your space to look both bold and unquestionably chic”.

Whether you love bright, vibrant hues or soft, pastel tones, black goes with anything, so take the plunge and include it in your wall sconces, floor lamps and even your chandeliers.

7. Splurge on something sculptural

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Whether you’re modernising your kitchen, beautifying your bathroom or looking for something to impress your dinner guests, sculptural lighting is definitely having a moment in 2023.

“Yes, there’s still a strong leaning towards simplicity of form and many prefer a minimalistic approach but taking the opportunity to display your lighting as an art piece is very hot and happening right now”, says Ricardo.

And what’s not to love? Not only do they become conversation starters, but they add an extra special design element to any discerning space.

Look for beautifully blown glass elements, something sleek and linear or pick out a dramatic chandelier with a fun, modern twist.

In conclusion

2023 is definitely the year to illuminate life in style and at FCI London, we have a range of custom lighting that is sure to tickle you pink.

Give one of our dynamic designers a call today or pop into our showroom for a chat and a glass of bubbly and let’s see if we can get you turned on!

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