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Rug & Lighting Trends For 2023

Great interior design is all in the details, which is why rugs and lighting can make such an enormous difference to your space.

Our interior design team reflects on popular styles in 2022 and looks ahead to the rug and lighting trends for 2023.

Popular rug styles in 2022

rug and lighting trends 2023 living room rug

Ricardo Jarjoura, FCI Architect & Interior Designer

“In 2022, we saw a large number of rug trends that centred around patterns. One of the most requested rug styles was the geometric patterned rug. The proportions of these patterns are very pleasing to the eye due to our brain’s preference for symmetry. When combined with bold colours, these geometric patterned rugs brought vibrancy to neutral rooms and created brilliant contrasts.”

“We also saw a significant spike in enquiries about themed rugs. A themed rug is one where the pattern or artwork tells a story instead of simply existing as an abstract design. Rugs with nature-inspired themes such as leaves and trees were very popular, as were coastal rugs that tied with a renewed interest in beach house inspired interior design.”

Animal print rugs were in the spotlight in 2022, with many homeowners opting for zebra and antelope patterns over leopard print, which was very much in vogue in 2021. Animal print rugs are eye-catching and we saw them boldly paired with neutral walls and brightly coloured artwork and accessories.”

Finally, 2022 was the year when Austin Powers’ “Groovy, baby!” catchphrase was translated into rug form through shag rugs with textured fibres and deep piles.”

Rug trends for 2023

rug and lighting trends 2023 living room rug

Cristina Chirila, FCI Interior Designer

“In 2023, we expect to see organic rug designs and materials ruling the roost. Natural fibre rugs made from sisal, bamboo, jute and wool will reflect the continuing trend of eco-conscious home decor. These rugs create a rustic look that has a timeless appeal and matches just about any interior design style. They are also great for layering and, of course, good for the environment.”

“Ricardo mentioned the rise in popularity of shag rugs, and we expect this trend to continue in 2023. 70s-inspired decor has been on the rise throughout 2022 and shows no sign yet of abating. The texture of these rugs brings them to the forefront of a space, making more of a statement than a classic tightly woven fibre rug. Fuzzy Moroccan rugs will be the must-have carpet du jour next year.”

“A trend that I’m particularly excited about is that of irregular shaped rugs. While many homeowners are wary of deviating from the standard rectangle or square format, next year we expect to see a major departure from these styles as people catch on to the fact that they can make a room feel closed off. The fluid, soft style of curvaceous shapes bridges the gaps in open-plan spaces and creates a very modern and contemporary feel.”

“The final trend that will be huge in 2023 is rug layering. As the term implies, rug layering is when you place a smaller rug on top of a bigger one to create a contrast in colour, texture or pattern. This can help to zone specific spaces within a room. Layered rugs are a wonderful way to bring your own personality into a space. Creating your own unique combination of layered rugs is like adding a fingerprint to your floor as no one else is likely to have that exact same combination. You can also easily change up the layers according to the seasons..or simply on a whim.”

Popular lighting styles in 2022

rug and lighting trends 2023 naked hanging bulbs

Benjamin Ibanez, FCI Interior Designer

Statement lighting was everywhere in 2022. We saw loads of dramatic, oversized fixtures that were designed to steal the show. Statement-making chandeliers, elaborate pendants and ceiling-mount designs were everywhere from living rooms and bedrooms to dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes.”

“Another popular style in 2022 was linear lighting, with long lines and simple silhouettes replacing the more intricate and complex designs of the previous year. We notably saw an increase in linear lights above rectangular tables in dining rooms where they offered the perfect symmetrical solution with just one fixture being used to complete the space.”

“Another big trend in 2022, which we will see carried over into 2023, is nature-inspired lighting designs. Natural materials were very much in demand and there was a shift towards organic shapes decorated with leaves, flowers and animal horns; anything that connected the lights with the outdoors.”

“Perhaps the most eye-catching lighting trend of 2022 was naked bulbs. Where bulbs were once hidden, the shape of the bulb became the key feature. We saw this in outdoor string lights and open-bulb table lamps. Not only was the bulb itself important, but the shape of the bulb was also chosen to make an impact in a room. Even the distance between the bulbs became a talking point.”

Lighting trends for 2023

rug and lighting trends 2023 natural lighting kitchen

Lauren Austin, FCI Interior Designer

Sustainable lighting has been one of the biggest trends over the past few years and we only expect it to increase as homeowners continue to be conscious of the environmental impact of their choices. Lampshades made from natural materials like fabric, glass, recycled paper and bamboo are trending now, as are solar lights of every description. It has also become common for homeowners to install LED bulbs and dimmers with their new lighting to save on energy.”

“Much like the layered rug trend that Cristina mentioned, layered lighting is also on the rise. It involves hanging multiple lights in one space at different levels, allowing you to create lighting zones and highlight accent features. The layering creates different nuances in your space, adding personality and depth that isn’t possible with just one light source.”

“In 2023, we expect sculptural lighting to really shine. Sculptural lighting is all about using your light source as artwork. It becomes not merely functional, but instead creates a dramatic effect and contributes to a curated decor style. Popular examples include blown glass shades, linear tubes and modern chandeliers.”

“Finally, a lighting trend that we’re all intrigued by is the shift towards Art Deco lighting. Art Deco as a style is making a comeback for 2023, so now is the time to get your grandmother’s old pendant lights out of the attic and bring them into 2023 with a modern twist. Think brass, gold, chrome and other noble metals to give your space a feeling of sophistication and opulence. Art Deco trends encompass symmetry and geometric shapes, so find repetitive patterns that are pleasing to the eye.”

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