interior desinger
  • Unity: Unity is the interior designer’s idea and the honesty and thoughtfulness that is used to achlinksway-6ieve the idea. When designing a home, it’s important to ensure the furniture and colours relate to each other. Use similar colours, patterns, lines, and shames to create unity. But do this creatively to steer away from dullness. Too much unity becomes repetitious.
  • Variety: Change up your colours, shapes, patterns, and themes from toom to room, but don’t forget unity and coherence whilst doing this. The correct combination of variety and unity will create 3peacefulness to each space and eventually to the home.
  • Emphasis: Allow each section of the room a suitable amount of emphasis. Focus attention to the most important parts and less to the others. Create focal points or hearts of interest, set against less important backgrounds.
  • Rhythm: Rhythm is purely continuity. Movement and the course of rhythm will make your home come alive. This can be achieved using repetition and development. This can be done with the reputation, or lack of, in shapes, colours, and textures. Try not to repeat usual and everyday items. Steer clear from monotony by using contrasting colours, sizes, and shapes.21
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