Add Luxury To Your Dining or Kitchen Table With an Overhead Light

Add Luxury To Your Dining or Kitchen Table With an Overhead Light

There is little substitute for a flavoursome meal shared at a table that is adorned with the laughter of loved ones and the warmth of a shimmering chandelier.

Lighting plays an invaluable role in making our homes places of comfort and luxury. The dining and kitchen areas are no exception. The right overhead light can result in richer-looking meals, inspire deeper conversations and encourage your guests to stay a little longer.

1. Choose a light fixture that will be a focal point in your dining or kitchen area

It is said that chandeliers are the jewellery of a room. Jewellery is made to be seen and adored, so make a statement with your fixture. A unique lighting design can uplift a mundane room bringing interest into the space.

Anchor a room by providing a focal fixture that will tie everything together harmoniously. We recommend unique designs that will draw every eye and become a talking point for the space.

2. Consider the size of the room and the type of light you want to install

As with all interior design elements, proportion is critical. In order to maintain balance in your dining or kitchen area, your light fixture should neither be too small nor too big.

Consider where you intend to hang the chandelier and be mindful of existing furniture in the room. As a guide, the diameter of your lighting should equal half to two-thirds of the width of your table.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the vertical height of your fixture: too low and it will become a visual obstruction when seated at the table, too high and it will go unnoticed.

That being said, rules can be broken, if you have the expertise to do so. Sometimes an oversized chandelier works well for a dramatic effect, whilst a more understated one might be perfect in a room where it is not required to be a focal point.

3. Choose a light that is both stylish and functional

Perfect design happens when style meets function. It’s not enough to have a stunning chandelier if its presence in a room brings discomfort.

If your fixture is the main light source for the space, make sure it offers enough brightness to illuminate all corners of the room. The same goes for the design, a delicate piece will be a source of anxiety in a high-traffic area where it could easily succumb to destruction.

Do however dare to be stylish. Whatever shape, size or style you require, let our collection of chandeliers challenge you to go for the imaginative and unconventional.

Add Luxury To Your Dining or Kitchen Table With an Overhead Light 2
Add Luxury To Your Dining or Kitchen Table With an Overhead Light 3

4. Match the light to the style of your home

A home’s style statement should inform the purchase of every design element in it. Gone are the days when chandeliers were only associated with giant ornate crystal pieces.

A minimalist home should be matched with an equally unpretentious chandelier, whilst a country-styled home belongs with traditional fixtures.

The point is, always maintain your aesthetic. There are unlimited lighting choices for every look including natural rope chandeliers, woven pendant lighting, contemporary styles, rustic, caged, and the list goes on. There is no excuse for forcing a chandelier where it doesn’t belong.

5. Add warmth and luxury to your dining or kitchen area with an overhead light

There is a reason why interior designers place great importance on layered lighting. Without sufficient light, a room can feel cold and look dull.

In the lighting equation, chandeliers provide ambient lighting that illuminates and sets the mood for a room. Since the dining and kitchen areas are places of gathering, you ideally want to add a warm light which consequently softens the space.

The warmth brings comfort to the room making the area inviting. We want you to frequently sit at your table, and the right chandelier could just be the missing pull factor.

6. Install dimmer switches for mood lighting

Your young ones might need good lighting to get through their dinner without making a mess, but, a dinner for two usually calls for a more romantic light.

The best way to get control over the brightness of your chandelier is to have dimmer switches installed. There is a range of options including wifi-controlled smart switches managed from your mobile.

Apart from setting the mood, having dimmers also allows you to regulate the power usage of your light. There is no need for 100% watt usage when the chandelier is not in direct use.

7. Get expert advice on installation for a perfect finish

The business of electrical wiring is a sensitive one. We recommend leaving the installation to professionals who will neatly tuck cables away and add all the fancy extras such as dimmers and designer switches.

Visit our showroom to not only see our extensive range of lighting fixtures but to also get expert assistance with the design and fitting of your chandelier. After all, you wouldn’t want your beautiful fixture falling to pieces due to a shoddy installation job.

Dining is Culture

Whether you eat in a designated dining room or around a kitchen counter, dining is an experience that forms an integral part of our culture. If it takes a gorgeous chandelier to attract us to this place of community, then, it is a worthwhile investment. We look forward to adorning your table with one of ours.

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