Lighting Styles for 2023

Lighting Styles for 2023 – Interior Design Trends

It is not necessary to update your lighting every year, but it can be beneficial to keep up with new technologies and styles. When deciding on 2023 styles, it is important to consider both appearance and functionality.

This means considering whether it will suit the decor and look of a room, as well as whether it will perform the necessary tasks, such as providing adequate lighting for cooking or applying makeup. In this article, we will explore the latest lighting designs for different rooms in a home, including living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.


sustainability - lighting styles interior design trends 2023
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Eco-friendly lighting is a popular trend in interior design that is here to stay. LED bulbs are a sustainable option with low energy consumption and long lifespan, and there are also fixtures made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled glass. These choices help reduce your carbon footprint and make your home more environmentally friendly.

Linear shapes

linear shape - lighting styles interior design trends 2023
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Linear lighting fixtures that extend the length of the dining table are becoming more popular in place of traditional overhead lighting. These lights often feature bubble-shaped glass globes and can contribute to a maximalist, opulent atmosphere in the dining room.

Brightly painted lanterns

colourful lamps - lighting styles interior design trends 2023

One trend in lighting is the use of colour to add vibrancy and interest to a space. Painted lanterns are a way to incorporate pops of colour into your lighting instead of traditional metal chandeliers. Some designs are more refined versions of farmhouse pendants, and can be a fun way to add colour to a timeless white kitchen.

Oversized pendants

oversized lights - lighting styles interior design trends 2023
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It is becoming more common to see dining tables styled with two oversized pendant lights instead of a single chandelier. This look adds visual interest and creates a softer, more inviting atmosphere. This trend may also be influenced by the popularity of English kitchen designs that often incorporate dining tables as islands.

Unique shapes

unique shapes - lighting styles interior design trends 2023
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Kitchen lighting design is becoming more artistic, with a focus on unique and quirky fixtures such as dramatic chandeliers and modern linear designs. Pendants are still a popular choice, but there is more room for creativity when it comes to selecting the perfect light for your kitchen.

Milky glass lights

antique vintage chandeliers - lighting styles interior design trends 2023
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The classic milk white glass globe lights are making a return. This style of glass looks particularly striking when paired with contrasting materials such as soft sheened brass or matte black. Best of all, milk white glass may require less frequent cleaning than clear glass.

Natural material

natural lamps - lighting styles interior design trends 2023
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Rattan, wood and wicker lighting. Sustainable materials that don’t cost the earth and bring an earthly vibe to your home. Where we used to like only matching natural materials, we now enjoy the versatility that mixing up natural materials in a home can bring, just as nature intended.

Pleated lamp shades

pleated lamp - lighting styles interior design trends 2023
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Pleated lamp shades are a trend that combines a traditional look with a modern twist, reminiscent of English design. These shades may be a natural fit for the pink and mauve colour trend that has been popular recently. Some people may remember pleated shades from the past and may have mixed feelings about their resurgence in popularity.

Bubble light chandeliers

bubble lights
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Bubble light chandeliers, made of clusters or layers of glass balls, are currently experiencing a moment in popularity. These chandeliers, which have been around for a few years, are characterised by their happy, playful appearance and delicate grouping of spheres. They have become more popular as an alternative to sputnik-style globe lights.

Mix & match metallics

metal chandeliers
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One trend for 2023 is the use of mixed metal finishes in lighting, particularly in the kitchen. This allows you to combine different metals, such as gold and brass, in your light fixtures, faucets, hardware, and appliances for a unique and luxurious look. This trend is an easy way to add a touch of glamour to your home without a major renovation or large expenditure.

Design that transforms spaces

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