Glass-Top Coffee Tables and Why Designers Love Them: Glass and gold coffee table.

Glass-Top Coffee Tables and Why Designers Love Them

If you’re wondering why designers love glass-top coffee tables so much, ask Benjamin Ibanez, FCI London’s top interior consultant. With a background in technical architecture and a decade’s worth of experience in overseeing high-end residential refurbishment projects, he’s an expert in all things stylish.

“It’s about creating the illusion of space”, he says. “Glass is both transparent and beautifully reflective, giving the areas around it a feeling of airiness and light. So, when used as the top on coffee tables, it has the potential to extend the boundaries of a room, particularly if it’s on the small side”.

Here are his views on why you should get one.

7 benefits of glass-top coffee tables

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“Great design is a delicate balance between form and function, and elegant glass-top coffee tables offer the best of both those worlds”, enthuses Ben. “As seen in our award-winning Elm Park project above, they add luminance to any room while providing a surface on which to showcase the things you love the most”.

Here are seven advantages they have over their wooden and ceramic counterparts:

  1. Translucent and understated, they have the ability to expand your spaces, making a room feel fresh, open and clutter-free.
  2. Both contemporary and classic, they go with any genre, so they’re an easy choice no matter your style. This makes them a future proof option if you decide to upgrade the rest of your furniture sometime down the line.
  3. Because they are see-through, they offer the opportunity to show off a sculptural base, which allows you to add an extra design element to your aesthetic.
  4. If you’ve chosen a bespoke area rug to enhance your room, a glass-top coffee table will enable you to show it off to its full potential.
  5. Buy one with two-tiers and you will be able to display bespoke accessories on the lower shelf without taking up valuable surface space.
  6. They are easy to clean and maintain, won’t stain or mark and don’t require special polishes.
  7. Glass is far more durable than you might think, making it a choice that will both last a lifetime and endure day-to-day wear and tear.

So, if you have a small space, want your décor choices to transcend the latest trends and are looking for something that will add luminance to your aesthetics, glass-top coffee tables are the way to go.

How to style glass-top coffee tables

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“As a designer, I never waste an opportunity to add personality to the aesthetic of a room and styling your coffee tables is no exception. It’s the perfect way to create a focal point and lots of visual interest”, is Ben’s professional opinion.

“In our exclusive Knightsbridge refurbishment, we adopted a less-is-more approach to suit the smaller dimensions of the living space, allowing the simplicity of an unusual brass-rimmed tray to enhance the legs of a dainty glass-top coffee table”.

Here are some suggestions to inspire you:

  • Make sure the glass is clean before you include additional elements – it will help accentuate your décor.
  • Keep your styling choices paired back and tasteful. The point of having glass-top coffee tables is to reflect the natural light and make your space look expansive, so undue clutter is counterproductive.
  • Remember that glass is transparent, so you can see whatever item you put on top of it from every angle.
  • Focus on finding a balance between creating texture, height and depth by playing with different colours, shapes and textiles. A small ceramic vase filled with fresh flowers, a stack of beautiful books or some antique snack bowls would all add some charm. White accessories are a particularly good match if you’re looking for a more contemporary feel.
  • If your coffee table has a metal frame, find objects in a complementary metallic finish to match – it establishes a sense of refinement.

In conclusion

If you’re redesigning your living spaces and are on the hunt for some stylish new furnishings, beautiful glass-top coffee tables are the ultimate choice.

At FCI London, we work with world-renowned brands like Cattelan Italia, Eichholtz and Gallotti & Radice to bring you a selection of high-end furnishings designed to make your home look like a million bucks.

For inspiration, take a look at our interior design projects, or contact our dynamic team for some sterling advice.

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