Flawless Ways To Style a Grey Couch

6 Flawless Ways To Style a Grey Couch

Professional interior designers will tell you that if you’re looking to invest in a luxury sofa that will stay on trend for years to come, pick a grey one. Why? Well because grey is both classic and timeless, goes beautifully with any colour scheme, is easy to maintain and acts as the perfect blank canvas, allowing you the creative license to transform your living room into a masterpiece.

Our expert team have put together their hottest tips on how to style one grey couch flawlessly.

1. Start with a light grey couch and add darker throw pillows for contrast

A light grey couch is an ideal choice, bringing cooler tones into your living space and giving your room a sophisticated aesthetic, making it easy to add layers of colour with some beautifully considered cushions. Here are some guidelines.

  • To create gentle contrasts, find darker shades in sage greens, dusky pinks or taupe and mix them with a choice of white, cream or beige.
  • If you have opted for the warmer tones of a dark grey sofa, it’s an opportunity to bring some vibrancy to your décor with deep blues and lavenders or a mustard yellow.
  • Remember that while grey goes with most colours in the spectrum, the choices you make should blend in seamlessly with each other and the rest of your décor, so pick out something that creates cohesivity and a common thread.
  • If you decide to stick to a grey palette, choose shades that are either darker or lighter than your couch. This will provide contrast and prevent your room from looking dull.

2. Use colourful blankets and throws to add pops of colour

A luxurious throw is a perfect way to add a sense of comfort and welcome to your aesthetic surroundings.

In the warmer months, embrace a summery vibe by finding thinner, patterned fabrics that will lift the room and make it vibrant. Then swap it out during winter for something with a deeper pile in a rich colour that reflects cosiness and warmth.

3. Mix and match different textures

Grey has a way of bringing a level of refinement to any space and opens up the opportunity to include a variety of different textures that will highlight your interior.

This can be done with cushions and throws, but you can also include things like plush curtains and a gorgeous, tasselled rug. Think about fabrics like velvet, linen, corduroy and suede or bring in a woven carpet made from rustic sisal or jute.

Choose artwork and other accessories that will create unique points of interest throughout the room.

4. Hang a chandelier or pendant light over the couch for added glamour

Luxury lighting is a key element in any room and has the potential to bring a touch of glamour to your space. So make sure you pick out at least one focal piece for the centre of your room that will draw in the eye and place attention on your main feature which is, of course, your couch.

For some extra sparkle, a pendant light or chandelier is a fabulous idea. Our designers are mad about this contemporary Ruby chandelier design by Eichholtz.

5. Place a coffee table in front of your couch

Coffee tables are a must-have in any elegant sitting room but take care to choose one that fits in with your design strategy and give some thought to their shape and contours.

If you have a rectangular sofa, adding a rounded coffee table will create a counterbalance and stop your space from looking formal and rigid, especially if it has a glass top and sculptural base. For some inspiration, have a look at the Hive coffee table collection by Naos.

6. Use plants and flowers to brighten up the space

In keeping with all the latest biophilic trends, plants have become a means of connecting with nature, purifying the air and adding a sense of wellness to the overall aesthetics of any living area.

Find a range of gorgeous indoor planters that will enhance your sofa and fill them with beautiful blooms or luscious leafy indoor trees – it’s a brilliant, cost-effective way to augment your décor.

In Conclusion

A grey couch is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture you could choose for your living room, ticking all the boxes when it comes to colour integration and easy styling. If you’re looking for one or would like some advice on enhancing your interiors, the FCI London design team is here to help. Get in touch and let’s chat about your furniture needs. 

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