Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy This Winter

8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy This Winter

As the sun’s warmth starts to fade and winter sets in, it’s natural to feel a sense of gloom descending. Many of us mourn the end of summer, but it’s actually a great opportunity to look inwards and find ways to brighten up the atmosphere inside your home – and especially in your bedroom.

Embrace the coming of the colder season with these 8 ways to make your bedroom feel cozy this winter.

1. Use colour accents to brighten the atmosphere

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your space is to add colour. From painting your walls to accent cushions, a few pops of colour can turn even the most vanilla bedroom into a haven of happiness. 

The best way to make sure your colours complement one another and inspire the mood you’re going for is to use a colour wheel. Colour wheels provide colour combinations that go together, ensuring that you don’t end up with jarring hues that make your space feel unbalanced.

Colours that look good together are colour harmonies. To find your ideal colour palette, use the colour wheel in combination with colour psychology, which explains the moods that certain colours evoke.

Golden yellows, soft oranges, muted reds, browns with yellow undertones and honeyed neutrals will make your room feel as if it’s giving you a hug. If you want that feeling of warmth but you also want to brighten things up, choose colours like rich red, tangerine and mustard yellow to create a sense of happiness in your bedroom that will last long beyond the winter.

2. Place a comfortable armchair in the corner for reading or relaxing

As temperatures drop, you may find yourself yearning to snuggle down for long nights of reading with a hot drink and a bar of chocolate. Choosing a brilliant book is obviously the most important aspect of your snuggle session, but just behind that is where you snuggle.

Add a cozy armchair or beanbag in a corner of your bedroom to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. Don’t forget an overindulgent, fluffy blanket to complete your nest.

3. Add a rug on the floor for extra warmth and comfort

If you have wooden floors, now is the time to accessorize them with a soft, fluffy rug. You want something that your feet can crunch into when you walk barefoot.

At FCI, we have a custom rug division where we can print anything you like on a rug of your choice. You choose the size, material and design and we’ll make your dream rug happen. And yes, that includes an original painting by you or a photo of your dog – if you can imagine it, we can do it!

4. Hang pictures or artwork on the walls to personalize your space

A new coat of paint is not the only way to brighten up your walls as the dark winter days set in. A far more affordable – and easy to update – option is to fill empty spaces with posters or paintings that reflect your individual vibe.

Get involved in the art scene and find a painting style that you like. Order prints online if the originals are a bit over budget. Scour flea markets and vintage stores for old movie posters that can be freshened up with a new frame.

If you’re struggling to find prints, have an artistic friend paint an original for you from an online photo. This way you get to add visual content that is unique to your style. This is your chance to splash your personality across your walls. You can even create your own art and show it off. 

Not only is this style of decor informal and fun, but it’s also guaranteed to make you smile when it’s cold outside.

5. Use soft, cozy bedding and pillows to create a warm and inviting atmosphere

It goes without saying that the first thing you want from your bedroom in winter is warmth. This is the perfect time to update your bedding and soft furnishings to guarantee that your pad is a 24-hour snuggle puddle.

Look for warm but breathable duvets and covers with cheerful patterns and colours. Add a soft throw at the end of your bed to wrap yourself. When choosing your bedding and cushions, make sure they tie into the décor and mood of the room. 

6. Add some mood lighting

Nothing warms a room better than mood lighting. Add a contemporary floor lamp or softly coloured LED uplights. If possible, ensure they have dimmers so you can control the light levels as your room begins to darken.

While candles are an inviting option, they’re not always feasible due to safety concerns. Instead, mimic their soft glow using candle LED lights. You can pick out a stylish candle holder to enhance the effect.

Always make sure to choose warm yellow lights over cold white ones as these promote a safe space and peace of mind.

7. Use small mirrors to add reflections to the room

Mirrors are greatly underrated accessories. Not only can they create the illusion of your room being larger than it actually is, but they can also create a beautiful ambience by reflecting light around your space.

We recommend hanging your mirror where natural light falls directly onto it for maximum effect. Choose something edgy and avant-garde so that it doubles up as artwork – two for the price of one is always a good thing. 

8. Gentle ambient music

Finally, unplug those smartphone headphones and play your music through a Bluetooth speaker. Soft, relaxing music playing in the background has a calming effect and sets the overall mood of your space. It is also conducive to a sense of safety, which is an important part of the function of your bedroom. 

In Conclusion

At FCI London, we’re passionate about transforming spaces into a place that brings you happiness. With the right accessories and a few little upgrades, your bedroom will be as cozy as can be just in time for winter. 

If you still need help, our expert interior design team is available to offer you a free design consultation

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