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How to Mix & Match Bedroom Furniture: Tips from Our Designers

How to mix and match bedroom furniture? This a question we often hear at our showroom, especially from clients who have their hearts set on a bed and side tables from two completely different collections or brands. We discussed this with our interior design team and we’re super excited to be sharing their tips with you, but first, it’s important to answer a few questions:

Should Bedroom Furniture Match?

While it’s completely okay for bedroom furniture to match, the latest interior design trends are more focused on functionality and practicality rather than matching the different pieces. So if you’re up for such experimentation, it’s great to mix and match your furniture to give your bedroom the personality and character that you want.

What are the Benefits of Mixing and Matching Bedroom Furniture?

  • It gives your bedroom a very personalised and unique feel.
  • It’s usually more economical than purchasing a complete bedroom set.
  • You can customise the bedroom completely according to your preferences, especially in terms of colours, designs and styles.
  • If you want to switch things up after some time or just want to replace or swap any one item, it will be easier to achieve as you won’t have to replace the entire bedroom furniture.
  • It adds interest to your bedroom, especially when you work with layers – it can even make a room look visually larger than it actually is.
  • Once the space is furnished, you have a lot of creative room to decorate it as you will not be limited by any single style.
  • The bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom and by not matching it with any other element, you truly allow the bed to be the star of the room.
  • It will give your bedroom a luxurious, designer touch as opposed to buying a complete set which makes your bedroom look like it came out of a catalogue.

How to Mix and Match Your Bedroom Furniture?

Now coming to the main part, how do you actually mix up your bedroom furniture without making it feel chaotic or overwhelming? Here’s what our experts suggest:

1 – Consider the Size of the Space

This is the most important part of choosing bedroom furniture – being mindful of the size of the room. I always ask my clients to bring measurements or at least pictures of the room so we can envision how a certain product will look in it. If the bedroom is large, we can mix and match the bed, sofa, office desk and other furniture. But if it’s small then I would focus more on the accessories such as adding a bespoke rug, lamp or small coffee tables.

Cristina Chirila

The most important factor in blending several furniture types together is creating a feeling of visual equilibrium and this is not possible without balancing out the sizes. You can work on this by starting with your star item, which is usually the bed and then work around it by choosing items that do not match but still complement your star item.

2 – Play Around with Geometries

“I feel very strongly about geometric designs dominating the interior design trends this years, in pretty much all spaces, be it the kitchens or the bedrooms. So if you’re mixing and matching your bedroom furniture, try playing around with different geometric shapes for a visually interesting but also coherent style. If played right, the final result will be a bold but fun bedroom that reflects modern design.”

Benjamin Ibanez

We couldn’t agree more with Ben here, geometric shapes in the bedroom are not very common and when planned properly, they give the bedroom a very interesting vibe. We actually saw Ben practice this concept for one of his latest collaborations with Fabio Dovico Lupo, the Knightsbridge project bedroom and of course the results were stunning:

how to mix and match bedroom furniture

3 – Use Colours for a Sense of Cohesion

Even if you’re working with different furniture styles or designs in the bedroom, you can create a sense of cohesion by binding all products together through a theme. In most cases, the easiest way to achieve this is through a standard colour scheme but this doesn’t necessarily have to be applied on the furniture, because in the bedrooms, it’s much easier to use accessories such as bedsheets, curtains, cushions and rugs to work out a colour scheme.

Cristina Chirila

You can see this tip worked out very well for Cristina in this bedroom that she recently completed for a Redington Road home. Despite using a different bed, armchair and side tables – Cristina brought everything together with black and white accessories.

how to mix and match bedroom furniture

4 – Try Bold Colours

“One of my personal favourite colour schemes this year has to be blue and white – for the bedrooms, it works equally well for every age group, be it a kids bedroom, a teenager’s or a couple’s. When you’re mixing up the furniture, sticking to at least one bold colours helps brings uniformity and the differences become hardly noticeable because of how captivating the colour scheme is.”

Benjamin Ibanez
how to mix and match bedroom furniture
Kid’s bedroom from Benjamin’s Valley Road project

5 – Neutralise

“If you’re having trouble mixing and matching the bedroom furniture, try going for a neutral theme as this gives the room a modern, minimalistic look. A neutral rug is another great way to bring everything together, no matter how different they originally felt”

Ricardo Jarjoura
how to mix and match bedroom furniture
Guest bedroom, Redington Road project

6 – Use Statement Lighting

“Statement lights have been common in the living room and even the dining areas since decades but this year, you’ll surely be seeing more and more of them in the bedrooms, especially when you’re willing to mix things up.

Benjamin Ibanez
how to mix and match bedroom furniture
Master bedroom, Benjamin’s Valley Road project

Feel ready to mix and match your bedroom furniture? We’re here to help!

Whether you want assistance with interior design or you’re interested in buying new bedroom furniture, just book an appointment and our expert designers will be in touch.


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