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The Design Benefits of Minimalist Bed Frames

Our top bedroom expert, Benjamin Ibanez, has his finger on the pulse when it comes to all the latest décor trends and is currently enthusing about the design benefits of minimalist bed frames. Why? “Because, stylistically, they’re the absolute berries”, he says.

Choosing the right furnishings for any room in your home is a tricky business and when it comes to bedrooms, it can get even more complicated. Not only are they a deeply personal space in which you spend a great deal of time but they also have to serve a number of different purposes.

From getting a great night’s sleep to providing a relaxation and dressing area, housing a make-up station or even offering a place from which to work, there’s a lot to fit in. So what better way to maximise space than by making your key focal point a little more restrained? For this reason, minimalist bed frames are currently taking the design world by storm.

If you’re wondering what all the hype is about, read on!

What are minimalist bed frames?

“Think understated and sleek,” explains Ben. “Minimalist bed frames do away with bulky bases and ostentatious headboards and instead offer something lighter and more compact. They’re definitely the way to go if you’re looking for low-key simplicity”.

But why are they so popular? With design movements like Scandi and Japandi hot on the list of what’s currently trending, minimalist bed frames capture their essence perfectly. “In today’s high-impact, super-stressful environment, it’s all about pairing back and creating something calm, mindful and serene”, is Ben take on the subject.

Wellness has become a major focus in the world of design, and finding a balance in more open spaces, gentle lighting, biophilic décor and graceful yet humble contemporary furniture is what creates that all-important sense of “hygge”. And minimalistic bed frames will do just that.

With their discreet profiles and lack of fuss, they are a wonderful way of integrating extra space and a touch of edginess into your bedroom environment, giving you an uncomplicated foundation on which to add your choice of furnishings, colour palettes and accessories.

Read our article on the Japandi style for some extra inspiration.

How to choose the best minimalist bed frame for your space

The focal point of any bedroom, picking out the perfect bed is one of the most important decisions you’ll make if you’re refurbishing your space. “Not only will it ensure a nurturing night’s sleep, but it will also set the tone and overall aesthetics of your room”, says Ben.

Before you make a final commitment, here are some things to consider:


Be sure to pick out a design that matches both your taste and personality as this will influence every other aspect of your room.

Minimalist bed frames are available in a wide array of styles from sleek and industrial to classic and refined, so rest assured, you’ll find something you love.


Whether you’re hunting down a platform base, a frame that rests directly on the floor, a striking headboard design or a specific leg profile, minimalist bed frames are just as diverse as regular ones, so the world is your oyster when it comes to finding the perfect silhouette.


Bed frames come in many different materials, all of which have an affect on their durability, maintenance, longevity and aesthetic appeal. So whether you prefer metal, hardwood, plastics or laminates, be sure to select the best qualtiy possible and look out for signs of high-end craftsmanship.


The size of your bed frame will boil down to the dimensions of your room. If you have an expansive area to work with, opt for something opulent but if your space is limited choose something more appropriate. At the end of the day, it’s important to create a balance rather than having something that is cramped and disproportionate.

Remember that you bed frame should fit your mattress perfectly with no overhang or receding sides.


Price is always a crucial aspect of any home renovation project, so set your budget from the outset so that you can make sensible comparisons. This will enable you to select the best choice for your spend at the end of the day.

Our top 3 minimalist bed frame picks for 2023

“I’m always on the lookout for minimalist bed frames that exude luxury, quality and unquestionable style”, says Ben. “They provide interior designers with the ideal opportunity to create the space you need to really optimise on the potential of any bedroom, so they are one of the most exciting décor choices out there right now”.

Here are his 3 favourites for 2023:

With its beautifully crafted leather-upholstered steel headboard and refined solid wood base covered in matching fabric, the Margareth bed by MisuraEmme is a picture of modern elegance. Its clean-cut lines add a light, etherial aesthetic to any room and the entire ensemble is supported seamlessly by gently tapered legs, giving it a well-considered sense of balance and poise.

The Mercury collection by Barel is forged by hand in solid iron and comes in several variations that include a choice of headboard, footboard, a headboard with sommier and a headboard with a storage bed frame. Both old-world and industrial, it’s the perfect addition to any contemporary space.

Designed by Bruno Fattorini, the Aluminium bed by MDF Italia is defined by its fun simplicity and lightweight structure. Available with or without a romantic canopy, you can order it in striking red, dramatic black or an illuminating white to suit your style. The height of modernity, it’s a choice for those who are ahead of their time.

In conclusion

At FCI London, we stock an amazing range of minimalist bed frames and can’t wait to help you design the bedroom of your dreams. So give one of our brilliant designers a call today or pop into our spectacular showroom for a guided tour. We’ll have a hot cup of Brazilian-roast coffee at the ready!

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