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Best Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

Bean bag chairs are a childhood staple. They can liven up any room and add hours of fun to imaginary play sessions while being used as a bed, house or hiding place. Bean bag chairs for kids come in a variety of shapes and styles.

In the last 10-20 years, bean bags have come a long way in terms of comfort and appearance. There’s a plethora of shapes, sizes and fabrics to choose from, allowing your child to customise their own perfect bean bag look.

FCI interior designer, Jessica Codejon Alvarez, chats about how to choose bean bag chairs for kids.

Bean Bag Chairs For Kids: Material

There are two materials that you need to consider when choosing your kids bean bag: the cover material and the filling material.

“The cover material should tie in with the feel of your child’s room,” suggests Jessica. “For younger kids, you’ll want to stick with durable nylon as it is easy to clean and is play-resistant. For older kids, the choice is broader. A soft shag material in a colour that complements a bedroom is great if your child plans to use the bean bag for sitting or lying on. You can also look at leather to suede for tweens and teens – this is a very slick

The other material to consider is the type of filling inside the bag. Jessica breaks down the options.

“There are three main types of filling in bean bags: polystyrene (styrofoam) beads, shredded polyurethane foam which is also called memory foam and microbeads. Microbeads are banned in a number of places as they are not eco-friendly. Polystyrene beads are the most popular bean filling as they’re lightweight and affordable, ultimately making the bean bag chair more affordable too. Memory foam bean bags have amazing support and body contouring, but they are at the top price point of the market.”

Bean Bag Chairs For Kids: Size

“The size of a kids bean bag has more to do with the number of beans than actual dimensions,” says Jessica. Generally, kids bean bags contain 150 – 250 litres of beans, while adult beanbags contain 200 – 300 litres of beans.

Bean Bag Chairs For Kids:

Bean Bag Chairs For Kids: Styles

“When it comes to the style of your child’s bean bag, it depends very much on their age and tastes. This is a rough guide to the bean bag shapes available.”

Round bean bags: these are the most common bean bag chairs. They are circular in nature and don’t provide much support. When they spread out, they look like flattened balls.

Best for: smaller children, especially if they want to use it for play.

Square bean bags: square-shaped bean bags look similar to recliner chairs, complete with arms and backrests.

Best for: sitting

Gaming bean bag chairs: high-end bean bags that are created especially for long video game sessions. They have a lot of structure, much like a computer chair, and support the neck, back and arms while playing games.

Best for: older kids who are avid gamers

Novelty bean bags: these are bean bag chair =s that are shaped like something specific. It could be a turtle, an aeroplane or a car.

Best for: very young children

We Recommend: Fatboy Junior Bean Bags

Fatboy is one of the standout bean bag brands on the market. The Dutch brand got noticed with the release of their iconic Original Bean Bag Chair. They have since gone from strength to strength, extending their funky style across a range of hammocks and lighting while expanding on their bean bag shapes and colours.

Their Junior Bean Bag range is our best recommendation for your child’s room. They come in a fabulous range of bright and exciting colours including turquoise, bright pink, ice blue, silver, lime and orange.

Kids can squish, flatten, puff or pat their bean bags into various shapes for lounging, playing, watching TV or sleeping. They are irresistible to any child’s bedroom while simultaneously being child-resistant. The material is durable high-tech nylon, very low maintenance and easily cleaned. The filling consists of fine styrofoam beads, secured with both a heavy large zip and broad Velcro tape to ensure it doesn’t deflate.

Kids Bean Bags & Other Accessories

If you’re in the market for bean bag chairs for kids or any other accessory to jazz up your child’s bedroom, chat with Jessica or one of our interior design team. They have extensive experience in bedroom decor and will help you find the perfect items to make your child’s room a place of joy.

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