5 Luxury furniture brands you will love

5 Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love

High-end luxury furniture is undoubtedly in vogue, thanks to an upswing in the interior design business and a renewed emphasis on investing in quality that lasts.

Once a niche market for the very wealthy, quality brands is now more amenable to those who are prepared to part with their cash for something a little more sophisticated. Aside from trademarks that have traditionally been associated with extreme extravagance, there are many household names that are now producing collections that fit into this niche market, allowing the average Joe access to a world of beautiful décor.

If you are a design enthusiast with an eye for glamour, here are 5 luxury brands you’ll fall in love with.

1. Boca do Lobo

The extraordinary label that is Boca do Lobo, established in Portugal in 2005, produces stunning furnishings that are fashioned by a team of master craftsmen encompassing joiners, jewellers and specialised painters.

Their passion for bespoke arts like marquetry, filigree and customised metalwork is unmatched as they combine modern manufacturing techniques with ancient skills.

If you have a penchant for opulence, you’ll find no better offerings. Take their Imperfection armchair, for example, with its plush pleats and hammered brass frame, or bask in the glory of their glittering Naples mirror. Whatever you fancy, they’re hard to beat.

Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love

2. Gamma & Dandy

Gamma & Dandy are, quite simply, masters of elegance. With their beautiful leather furnishings made with rare skins by some of the best artisans in the world, they are nothing short of a cut above the rest.

Fashion-forward and supremely edgy, they strive to maintain their much-coveted “made in Italy” label by being both sticklers for detail and continually forging ahead with new innovations. Their mission is to stay true to the time-honoured techniques they embraced in their humble beginnings and that have now jettisoned them into greatness.

From luxury sofas like their stunning Aston collection to beautiful beds, this brand has everything you need to make your home magnificent.

Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love
Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love

3. Dom Edizioni

Founded by Domenico Mula, Dom Edizioni  creates their masterworks by first identifying the raison d’être behind each piece and how it will integrate effortlessly into its intended context. Their intent is to highlight the deliciousness of Mediterranean life and craft their furnishings to express brightness, spontaneity and the value of nature.

Aside from their listed collections like the chic Daniel chaise longue or their sensational Matthieu desk, they also accept custom-made projects from selective clients, combining refined techniques and expensive materials to create magnificent works of art.

Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love 3
Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love 4

4. Gallotti & Radice

Gallotti & Radice began their collaboration in 1955 sharing their unified passion for creating handmade lighting and mirrors before moving on to produce Adam in 1971, the first-ever table made entirely of glass. With a mutual acknowledgement that expanding their journey into the world of décor was inevitable, they now provide a comprehensive range of furnishings while keeping their characteristic sense of lightness and elegance in many of their designs.

Distinguished by meticulous manufacturing techniques, an ongoing dedication towards continual learning and a command of many different design processes, they continue their tradition of mastering their craft, employing artisans of the highest calibre to maintain their high standards.

One glance at their Tetris coffee table or a careful look at their Jolie Applique wall lamp and you’ll be hooked.

Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love 5
Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love 6

5. Meridiani

Meridiani‘s modern design philosophy combines comfort, versatility, style and a serene sense of elegance. They are known for their timeless approach and have discovered the perfect mix between being true to their roots and looking ever forward, placing them firmly in the “New Classic” genre.

Their collections, celebrated for their use of rich textiles such as velvet, chenille, cotton, linen, and exquisite leathers, are a monument to the exceptional craftsmanship they are so proud of – all 100% made in Italy.

We love them for their durability, comfort and no-frills outlook that enables them to produce pieces that are both vibrant and fantastically practical. Look no further than their Lolyta bench or Tuyo double bed and you’ll see what we mean.

Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love 7
Luxury Furniture Brands You Will Love 8

6. In conclusion

At FCI London, luxury furniture is our thing, and we are proud to represent bespoke brands that are making their mark on the ever-trending world of high-end design.

If you’re rearing to unearth some absolute gems from an array of top producers, pop into our showroom and let’s get chatting. From quality sofas and beautiful beds to dining room must-haves and breathtaking lighting, we have it all.

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