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Clever Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom lighting is an often overlooked aspect of interior design that is also possibly the most important. Each room in your home requires its own carefully thought-out lighting choices that are functional, ambient, decorative or a combination of all three.

There is perhaps no place where it is imperative that you get the lighting right than in your bedroom. We spoke to FCI interior designer, Benjamin Ibanez, about clever bedroom lighting ideas and how to choose the most aesthetically pleasing options.

Redington Road: A gorgeous London residence with understated bedroom lighting

“I first met the owners of this beautiful home when they visited our North London showroom. They wanted to redesign the entire interior of their house, including sourcing new furniture and creating custom wardrobes, cabinets and TV stands designed to fit their rooms.”

“The bedroom was not the largest and I had to consider how the custom-fitted wardrobe would add to or detract from the natural light when I drew up the plans. The first thing I did was design a wardrobe with mirrored doors. This immediately created the illusion of more space and I know it would reflect both the natural light from the windows and any .lighting fixtures that we decided on.”

Redington Road interior design FCI projects small bedroom lighting

“In order not to overwhelm the small space with clutter, I chose recessed lights for the ceiling with dimmer switches. These provide plenty of illumination at night, but the dimmers can be used to soften the space and enhance the mood as the sun goes down. for the side tables, I chose simple yet striking table lamps. The black tiered base complemented the black doors of the wardrobe and created a lovely contrast with the beige and white colour scheme.”

“When choosing bedroom lighting, it’s important to get the task lighting right. Task light refers to lights that are used for specific activities such as reading, cooking or lighting a pathway. They have a specific function, allowing you enough visibility to get the task done easily. In the bedroom, this task is usually to provide illumination for reading while in bed. The warm light from these LED lamp bulbs emitted a soft glow that added to the atmosphere of the room while also being bright enough to perform their function as tasks lights.”

“Generally when people are looking for bedroom lighting, they want ambient light with controllable levels in addition to task lights. Because good bedrooms are designed around the concepts of tranquillity and rest, the less surface clutter you have, the better. Contemporary lights that function well and add to the design aesthetic without being overly bold or distracting are preferable.”

About Ben

Our Spanish import, Ben Ibanez, has been with FCI since 2015. He immediately started using his talent for interior design to bring in new business and develop global projects. He currently oversees all FCI’s high-end residential projects while expanding relationships with our trade clients.

Ben began his design career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Architecture at Universidad de Sevilla. He is fully proficient in AutoCAD and has worked with REVIT and 3D Studio Max.

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