Stylish emerald green and grey living room interior design with abstract painting on the wall

Ask anyone about the number one thing they want from their preferred interior design style and they will tell you they want it to last forever. Timeless interior design styles are always going to be in vogue.

If your home looks timeless, you’ll spend less money on renovations. Timeless design is easy on the eye and loved by everyone. But what exactly is timeless interior design? Is it a style in itself or is it comprised of specific design elements?

We asked 3 of FCI London’s interior designers to weigh in and clarify the concept of timeless interior design.

Choose neutral shades

Benjamin Ibanez, FCI London Interior Designer

Originally hailing from Spain, Ben holds the reins of all our big development projects around the globe including the US, UAE, India and Africa. A self-confessed workaholic, he is voted most likely to retire in the FCI office, curled up on a Gamma & Dandy sofa with a cocktail in hand.


“Timeless interior design refers to any style that has longevity and will never go out of fashion. Furniture, material and colours are chosen for their evergreen attributes so that in 5 or 10 years, they will look as fresh as they did on day 1. For me, the most obvious component of timeless interiors is neutral shades. Beiges, greys and whites create continuity in a space while bold and pastel colours will fall in and out of favour.”

“I always recommend warm white for interiors that have wood accents and cool white if your room gets lots of natural light. Grey adds a sense of sophistication and glamour. Once your interior is painted in a natural shade, you can add pops of colour through artwork and accessories to ensure that timeless does not equal boring!”

Cristina Chirila, FCI London Interior Designer

Romanian-born Cristina has been obsessed with interior design since before she could talk, frequently rearranging the interiors of her dolls house in an early indication of her career choice. Her other passion is cooking, where she can be found applying her design inspirations into Masterchef quality dishes. 


“Timeless interior design to me is complete harmony between every element in a room. That includes furniture, accessories, architecture and empty space. Search for timeless design images online and you’ll see rooms with plenty of space to walk and breathe freely. Overfurnishing is a huge no-no.”

“You’ll also see symmetry. Human beings are wired to appreciate symmetry, which is why you will naturally gravitate towards spaces that are balanced. Imagine you’re placing two armchairs directly opposite a couch and two side tables on either end of the couch. Now take one armchair and one side table away. Your brain won’t like what it sees and will automatically seek to redress the imbalance. Try it in real life – it’s a genuine thing!”

Ricardo Jarjoura, FCI London Interior Designer


“When I think of timeless interior design, I think of specific elements which should always feature in a space. White linen is one. You can’t have a timeless bedroom with patterned or coloured bedding, it doesn’t tick the box. White is clean and minimalistic; it looks and feels classic.”

“Another timeless element is organic accents. Natural materials have been popular for centuries and will never go out of style as they add warmth and depth to your interiors. Wooden floors are a must, as is wooden furniture. But think outside the traditional box to other materials like rattan and stone. You can decorate with small accent items such as lampshades, rugs and jars. The overall look will be one of harmony with nature and warm invitation.”

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