4 Sofa Trends to Avoid in 2023 and What to Buy Instead: Purple sofa

4 Sofa Trends to Avoid in 2023 and What to Buy Instead

As with anything to do with art and fashion, design trends are constantly evolving, making it difficult to keep up sometimes. So, furnishing your living spaces with a high-quality sofa that is both future-proof and in vogue can be a tricky process. Ricardo Jarjoura, top interiors specialist at FCI London, is constantly tracking what’s in and what’s out and has given us the low down on four styles to hold back on in 2023.

To set the tone, we asked him what’s most important when picking out a new sofa? “My best advice is to choose something you really love and are willing to live with for years to come”, he cautions. “Yes, keeping up with all the latest industry developments is fun and inspiring, but at the end of the day you need to find furnishings that resonates with your own personal taste”.

1. Skirted sofas

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While they boomed in the 1980s and have maintained their place in the design world ever since, skirted sofas are considered dated in 2023. “The whole manufacturing process has become so much more focussed on making every last detail stand out, so even seemingly mundane aspects like sofa feet have become a design element”, says Ricardo.

The bottom line is that there’s no longer the need to cover them up with extra upholstery or endure the cumbersomeness of cleaning around them.

Instead, look to genres like Japandi or Scandi and celebrate the beauty of natural, sustainable wooden legs that are prevalent in all the latest offerings.

2. Patterned sofas

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There are no two ways about it, when it comes to contemporary design, patterns are out of style and will not be featured in the top fabric choices of 2023.

“While contrast is key, finding design elements to match upholstery that is busy and attention-grabbing is not something that professionals in the industry are pursuing right now”, alludes Ricardo. “Not only are patterns challenging to work with and match, but they consume the focus in a room, making it difficult to balance other noteworthy elements”.

So, substitute busy materials with fine leather that will last you for decades, or choose eco-friendly materials in solid colours that will help set the tone and are easily paired with complimentary shades.

3. Grey sofas

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A neutral colour palette has been a long-time staple when it comes to sofas, with grey dominating for the past few years. And while monochrome vibes definitely still have their place, especially in warmer tones, there’s a strong leaning towards finding sofas that rejoice in more startling shades instead.

“There’s a new need to create a sense of wellbeing through the use of colour, so it’s time we got a little more daring”, enthuses Ricardo. “Purple is the number one choice for the new year, giving living spaces a feeling of positivity, refinement and intimacy. I’m excited about where this trend is going, because we’re definitely breaking out of the monotone mould”.

If you aren’t a fan, then look at deep reds, peach, vibrant green, blues or orange – they’re all taking the industry by storm.

4. Minimalistic sofas

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“Take an expansive new approach and fill your space with decor that oozes maximalism”, encourages Ricardo. “We’re going into an era where an elevated sense of self expression is fundamental to contemporary design, so it’s out with modesty and in with creating a bold, optimistic vibe through boisterous, opulent aesthetics”.

We suggest that instead of finding sofas that have simple profiles, opt for something with architectural features that add a sense of fun and a splash of joy to your living spaces.

Look for unusual, curvaceous shapes embellished with pleats or tufting and, if you’re a little lost, do some research on the Togo design or have a look at the Hillman sofa by Eichholtz for inspiration.

In conclusion

At FCI London, our dynamic design team have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to all the latest sofa trends and are always on hand to give you advice and guide your choices. Call us today or pop into our showroom for a guided tour and some bubbly.

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