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Sofa Colour Trends For 2023

A gorgeous contemporary sofa takes pride of place in any modern home, so it’s important that you know the sofa colour trends for 2023 before you consider investing in one.

FCI senior interior designer, Ricardo Jarjoura, shares his thoughts on the sofa colours that are going to be in hot demand.

Most popular colours for sofas in 2023

Grey Blue

“Blue is hardly a new trend when it comes to popular sofa colours, but in 2023 we predict that it will be used differently. Instead of deep jewel-toned blues, we’re seeing more sofas in a less saturated, almost greyed-out shade of blue. This is a really great way to bring a blue sofa into what is otherwise a monochromatic interior. The contrast isn’t great enough to disrupt the single colour flow, yet it still adds an element of interest.”

“A major advantage of a grey-blue sofa is that it pairs well with almost any colour scheme and design style, from neutrals and taupes to rustic and mid-century modern. Grey blues evoke a moody ocean on a cloudy day. Any connection to the ocean automatically has a calming effect on a room.”

Bright White

bright white sofa fci london

“White sofas never go out of style, but they are often overlooked due to their extreme impracticality. That said, we’re seeing an increase in white sofa fabric options from many of our key sofa brands.”

“One of the best things about a shining white sofa is that it instantly makes small spaces feel bigger and brighter. It also just looks so classy and elegant. The versatility of a white sofa as the centrepiece of your living room means you can be bold in your other decor choices. Dress it up with splashes of colour or down with beach house furnishings.”

“Of course, it must be said: if your home contains children or pets or even if you host frequent group gatherings, we wouldn’t recommend a white sofa as a viable option.”

Sophisticated Neutrals

A staple of sofa colour trends for decades, earthy neutrals will feature strongly in 2023. However, neutral sofas are getting a sophisticated makeover. Exit bland beige and enter mushroom, sable, slate, taupe and ecru.”

“These genteel hues are just the thing for a refined neutral sofa in 2023. Think of them as sofas for grown-ups; their timeless shade and natural connection will keep them stylish for years after they’re forced to retire.”

Powdery Purple

“Along with Coloro, trend forecasters WGSN have claimed Digital Lavender as their colour of the year for 2023, so we can expect to see many variants of this shade showing up in sofa colour trends next year. Digital Lavendar is a soft powdery purple that signifies stability, serenity and digital escapism. It creates a relaxing living atmosphere with a cheerful disposition.”

“Soft purple sofas are gender-inclusive and fit harmoniously into most interior design styles. They add warmth to a neutral colour scheme and soften brighter aesthetics. Purple is enjoying a moment in the sun, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing these chalky shades percolating in sofa styles.”

Dove grey

dove grey outdoor sofa

“In terms of sofas, dove grey is as old as time itself. The moment grey was an option, people were clamouring for dove grey sofas of all descriptions. The popularity of this shade endures mainly because it is so versatile and fits seamlessly into any living room, regardless of the other decor in it.”

“In 2023, we expect to see dove grey sofas take centre stage. To do this, combine it with other colours that gently accompany rather than overshadow it. This creates a delicate and refined space.”

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