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10 Easy & Affordable Home Updates From Interior Designers

Home updates can be daunting when you’re on a tight budget, even if you’re planning a simple refresh.

We’ve been designing luxury interiors for almost 40 years and, along the way, we’ve picked up some fabulous tricks for affordable updates. We asked our interior designers to share their tips that will help you cover the eyesores and create a brand-new look at minimum cost.

Our interior designers Benjamin Ibanez, Ricardo Jarjoura, Cristina Chirila and Lauren Austin divulged their secrets.

1. Use tub-and-tile spray paint on your bathtub, shower or sink

“It’s no secret that bathroom renovations are among the most expensive to do, second perhaps only to the kitchen. If your bathtub or shower has gotten grimy to the point where no cleaner can help, tube-and-tile spray paint might be your best bet. It won’t last forever, but it will give your bathroom fittings and tiles a fresh sparkle while you save up the cash to renovate properly. My best tip is to read the instructions and prepare the surface properly; if you don’t, you’ll find that the paint will peel off within a matter of weeks.” – Lauren Austin

2. Recover old throw pillows

“Got an old sofa that desperately needs replacing? While you shop around for your perfect sofa match, distract guests’ attention by recovering old throw pillows in eye-catching materials. Think soft chenilles, crushed velvet in jewel tones or faux fur. This costs less than buying new cushions or a new sofa!” – Cristina Chirila

3. Declutter with a wall shelf

“Sometimes home updates can be achieved simply by tidying up. We all have that space where we drop things as we come in the front door – keys, wallets, hats, dog leashes and other cluttering paraphernalia. Instead of dumping it all on the nearest counter, consider buying a beautiful hanging wall shelf that you can attach to a wall in your entrance area. You can even choose one with hooks if you’d like somewhere to temporarily hang your coats.” – Ben Ibanez

4. Add a bed skirt

“Speaking of decluttering, the space underneath the bed is often used as a desperate storage space for things that don’t fit anywhere else. Shoes, sporting equipment, boxes of things from your school days – they don’t have their own space in a cupboard, so they languish under the bed making a mess. An easy home update is to add a neat bed skirt that hides all your under-the-bed sins.” – Ricardo Jarjoura

5. Add a stick-on tile backsplash

“No backsplash, no big expense! While a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom is useful to protect your walls, it can go out of style quickly. Cover damp marks or chipped paint with self-adhesive backsplash tiles instead. You can peel it off when you’re about to move or sell the house. The wallpaper that you get today is remarkably good quality and is both steam- and moisture-resistant.” – Lauren Austin

6. Use spray paint to refresh metal fittings

“It sounds crazy but it really works – buy a can of metal-look spray paint and spray your taps, showerhead, doorknobs and any other metal fittings to make them look brand new. This is a temporary home update while you look into buying new handles or fittings, but it’s a great cover-up that very few people will notice. So if you’re hosting Christmas but can’t replace fittings in time, this is your fix.” – Cristina Chirila

7. Upgrade wood furniture with a finish restorer

“I came across this product when chatting with a client about how to restore an old chest of drawers. She didn’t want to replace it as it had sentimental value, so instead of sanding it down and varnishing it, she used a wipe-on wood finish restorer to freshen it up. It’s literally like a new lick of paint.” – Ben Ibanez

8. Cover old furniture with decals

“Speaking of covering old furniture, decals work wonders to hide scratches and chips on your older pieces. There are so many patterns and styles available, so you can really design a look if you’re covering more than one item in a room. You simply rub them onto an item using a wooden stick. It’s a fun craft project to do with your kids.” – Ricardo Jarjoura

9. Refresh your garage with concrete paint

“Garages are always somewhat unsightly, it doesn’t matter whether you use yours as a workroom or for parking your car. But there are easy ways to make yours less dingy and industrial. Cover up the floor with concrete paint to hide that dirty ground. Then add a coat of simple primer to the walls to brighten up the whole garage.” – Lauren Austin

10. Add a rug for the wow factor

“Whether it’s a porch or a living room, if you have a space that looks a bit tired and drab, a bold rug is the easiest way to give it new life. A good quality rug in a statement pattern draws the eye, automatically distracting guests from chipped walls or old furniture. We even have a custom-rig division to help you create the carpet of your dreams!” – Cristina Chirila

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