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5 Relaxing Bedroom Colours for A Good Night’s Sleep

With all the noise and bustle of the outside world, we all deserve a space that is dedicated solely to our comfort and retreat. Our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries – places where we relax, refresh and re-energise for the coming morning.

How you design this room will have an effect on how peaceful it will feel. Your choice of colour, in particular, will contribute to how well you sleep and your overall mood when in the space.

Whether you are thinking of changing your wall colour, or just trying to decide on your decor, make sure you surround yourself with a palette that ensures you get a good night’s rest.

Our designers have shared their top five relaxing bedroom colours that are a must for a cosy, calming haven. 


Blue - relaxing bedroom colours

Ever tranquil and serene, blue connects us to the sky and the sea, leaving us feeling calm and revived.

As interior designers, we love this colour because it gives us many beautiful tones to experiment with. Pale, whisper-soft shades of blue are perfect for creating a gentle aesthetic that encourages one to wistfully daydream.

You could also choose blue-greens and compliment them with a variety of rejuvenating foliage, or you could opt for blues with grey or brown undertones.

“I’m drawn to the moodier shades,” says FCI Senior Designer Christina Chilira; “their rich tones give feelings of trust, stability and safety.”

However, you should only choose dark blues if your bedroom receives plenty of light during the day, or else the room will shrink under the weight of the colour.

Still not convinced? Maybe the findings from Travelodge’s study will help. According to their research, Britons who are sleeping in a blue-decorated bedroom get a better night’s rest than everyone else.


Grey - relaxing bedroom colours

Grey interiors have soared in popularity, and bedrooms are one of the areas where the colour really works.

Instead of the traditional cool greys, there has been a transition to deeper, darker, and even near-black shades. These luxurious tones add an undeniable cosiness and warmth to a room.

On its own, grey is emotionless and this is what allows us to balance our feelings when surrounded by it. In a way, it draws the turbulence out of us, leaving us calm and restful.

To avoid your bedroom looking sombre, add pops of colour through soft furnishings and decor elements.

There is a shade to suit everyone, which is why grey is now seen as the modern neutral. For a truly relaxing space lean towards medium greys, or grey with brown, yellow, or beige undertones.

In line with the current trend towards natural textures, pair your palette with wicker, cane, brass and clay elements to achieve a zen interior.


Green - relaxing bedroom colours

What’s more calming than being at one with nature? Green is associated with calmness and tranquillity because it links us to the outdoors.

There are many shades to choose from, all of which encourage you to doze off with ease.

This year we saw a lot of use of moody olive greens, stylish sage, and pale greens. A pale sage is so delicate that it makes a room feel light and serene. On the opposite end, dark greens create a dreamy inviting bedroom.

Feeling bold? Try using rich greens on your walls and ceiling for an enveloping experience. This will work well in a compact bedroom by blurring out the room’s boundaries.

Sleeping in a green room transports us to scenes where we’re lying on the grass of a vast lush park on a beautiful day. Use this reassuring colour to create an oasis of calm that is perfect for catching some much-needed ZZZs.

House plants also count as green decor, so if you cannot commit to a major transformation, the addition of foliage will do the trick.


Relaxing bedroom colours - beige

As we move away from cold-white interiors, beige is experiencing a major resurgence. Its warm, earthy undertones give a space a timeless look and a soothing feel.

When decorating your bedroom in beige, layer the room with several plush textures for a truly luxurious sanctuary. The comforting hue from the colour is just what you need after a stressful day.

On its own this palette can look too muted, so consider adding grey, brown, and soft mint accents to break up the monotony.

From off-white tones to sandy hues, this cosy colour will look just as good in a modern house as it would in a classic country style home.

Because beige represents simplicity, it helps us stay grounded and peaceful when in its midst. “One of my favourite pairings for beige is with sage green. This combination results in a perfectly quiet soothing space.” FCI Interior Designer Cristina Chilira


Pink - relaxing bedroom colours

You would be mistaken if you still think that pink should be confined to little girls’ rooms. Light pink is a universal colour that is calming and non-threatening. Its subtlety makes it a great choice for creating a gentle soft atmosphere.

There are many ways to make an adult pink bedroom tasteful. Complement it with small intimate prints on pillows and throws, together with accents in gold or silver. Furthermore, you can combine it with greys or beige fabrics, and wooden furniture for a serene bedroom scheme.

Apart from using it as a wall colour, consider this palette for silky quilts, soft blankets, glamorous lamp shades or a luxurious bedskirt.

The best quality of pink is that it makes us feel loved, hence the saying – “If pink was a gesture, it would be a hug.”

If you work an emotionally demanding job, coming home to a sensuous light-pink bedroom will provide the healing you need.

Design That Transforms Spaces

At FCI, we believe in the power of interior design to transform spaces. By forging positive spaces that bring genuine happiness to the people who inhabit them, we hope to inspire a community of people to pay it forward.

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No job is too small and no request is too complicated. We can help you draw your design dream and we’ll work closely with you to bring that vision to life.

In addition to our interior design services, we have a wide range of furniture and accessories that will contribute to creating the perfect sanctuary regardless of your choice of a relaxing bedroom colour.

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