Bedroom Design Trends 2023 – What’s Hot and What’s Not. Classic bedroom with green accent wall and patterned curtains.

Bedroom Design Trends 2023 – What’s Hot and What’s Not

A seasoned traveller and senior FCI London interiors specialist, Benjamin Ibanez, has his ear to the ground when it comes to all things stylish and is currently excited about bedroom design trends that are hot and happening in 2023.

“Bedrooms are a reflection of the inner self – a window to your soul, so to speak”, says Ben. “They are personal rest spaces that don’t necessarily have to be revealed or put on display and should be filled with things that emulate your character and make you happy. It’s all about creating the perfect sanctuary”.

Whether you’re a design aficionado who likes to keep your finger on the pulse or are embarking on a home refurbishment and need some inspiration, here are 5 of his favourite trade secrets revealed plus 3 popular trends that have been given the boot.

5 Bedroom design must-haves in 2023

With a myriad of fresh new ideas making headline news on the design grapevine, here are 5 that Ben finds inspiring:

1. Just Japandi

Most apparent in bedroom design at the moment is a strong leaning towards sustainability, so whatever your tastes, find natural materials that support green living.

One of the genres that back this sentiment to the tee, making it more popular than ever before, is Japandi. An elegant balance of Japanese and Scandinavian design, this beautifully considered style embraces the serenity of nature through simplicity and a sense of both hygge and wabi-sabi.

“It’s the art of manifesting calm through restraint”, says Ben. “I just adore its minimalistic approach and the way every element has both function and intent”.

If you’re sold on this style, here are some pointers:

  • Use a neutral colour palette like cream, white, sand and gentle pastels and add darker hues sparingly and as accents only.
  • Focus on sustainable woods and other organic materials. Think floorboards, wall panelling and ceiling beams in conjunction with high-quality, streamlined, contemporary furniture.
  • Include subtle textures and patterns through functional accessories like ottomans or pillows.
  • Ensure that your bed linen and rugs are made from natural fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton.
  • Add plants – biophilic design is a key element in this type of décor.

For more ideas, read our article on why the Japandi trend is taking the world by storm.

2. Serene seating areas

Once considered a luxury, seating areas are increasingly in demand and reflect a need for comfort and calm. Ben’s take is that: “We live such high-octane lives, so before we launch ourselves into our work day or shut off for the night, having an undisturbed cup of coffee or just reading a chapter or two in a cosy spot is good for the soul”.

While some might argue that you need loads of floorspace for such endeavours, it’s really not about sofa size. Any little nook that will fit a simple stool, plush ottoman or compact loveseat will do.

In fact, one of the most sought after ideas right now is to optimise your window space and create built-in seats that not only give you a restful perch but also connect you with the outside world. “It’s all part of the wellness trend”, he explains.

3. Lashings of lavender

Colour is key to any bedroom design aesthetic and creates mood-altering magic that sets the overall tone. We’ve seen a slew of cathartic hues over the past couple of years as designers attempt to capture a sense of ease, and now lovely lavender is having a moment.

“A shade called Digital Lavender has been nominated the Colour of the Year for 2023 and for good reason”, says Ben. “Experts believe that it instils serenity, balance and stability and encourages consumers to unwind and engage in meditative practices. I love its freshness – it lends a light, ethereal quality to any space”.

If you don’t fancy it on your walls, find some fun accessories or tie your space together with a pretty rug, some cushions and a bed throw. And remember that you can experiment with variations of it to suit your taste.

4. Wonderful wall panels

Including wall panels in your bedroom design is a wonderful way to create extra architectural features and brings a touch of sophistication to your space. With a wide range to choose from, you can opt for a detailed pattern in wood or simple slatted beams painted in a contrasting colour.

“If you’re on a tight budget but are handy with the tools, this could become an easy DIY project and will add interest and depth to your room”, suggests Ben. “And you’ll be killing two birds with one stone because creative paneling will eliminate the need for a headboard”.

5. Awesome Art Deco

Yes, it’s back! Art Deco, first introduced after World War 1 to propagate hope and optimism, is resurfacing once again and for good reason.

“It’s a bold, fun style that captures the essence of positivity and, after being cooped up during the worst of the pandemic, the design world feels the need to break out and do something that will shake things up a little”, is Ben’s expert opinion.

Although it’s definitely not restricted to bedroom design, it’s a style that will add exuberance to your boudoir, so whether you find a standout wallpaper pattern or pair bright pops of colour with neutral tones, it’s sure to be a winner.

Use these guidelines and redefine it for yourself:

  • Azure blue, emerald green and golden tones in conjunction with subtle shades of white, grey and sand all help to make an Art Deco statement.
  • Find ways to introduce geometric design that features exaggerated curves and soft edges to elevate your spaces. Statement headboards are hot right now and a wonderful way in which to incorporate this genre.
  • Expansive mirrors, playful ottomans and round cushions are all in.

3 Bedroom design trends that are hitting the road

Every trend has its season, so here are three of the latest ones to step out of the spotlight:

1. Velvet

Having been one of the most popular fabrics for headboards, stools and cosy armchairs in recent years, velvet is now a no-no.

“The odd cushion here and there can be excused”, advises Ben, “but the industry is leaning more towards natural, sustainable materials like linen and cotton for a cleaner, fresher look”.

2. Dressers

With modern fitted wardrobes taking over as a means to housing all your belongings and decluttering your space, dressers are becoming less and less popular.

“Bespoke cabinetry can be designed to accommodate all of your storage needs these days and adds style and value to your home. In fact, it’s one of our specialities at FCI London. We can quite literally create anything from customised jewellery drawers to adjustable shelving. It’s no wonder dressers are becoming obsolete”.

To get some ideas about how to integrate stylish cabinetry into your design theme, read our article on the best finish for your bedroom wardrobes.

3. Cobalt blue

While colour trends have steered towards biophilic hues that reflect nature and encourage peaceful sleep, tones on the darker end of the spectrum are now falling from grace.

“Cobalt blue is still a great choice in accessories or as an accent shade, but keep it off your walls”, is Ben’s advice. “We’re definitely going the lavender route instead”.

In conclusion

With so many fabulous new bedroom design trends coming into play in 2023, the FCI London team are champing at the bit to get started on your new year refurbishment projects.

Call us today to discuss your ideas or pop into our showroom and let’s get the ball rolling over a hot cuppa.

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