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Best Lamps For Large Spaces

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your room and sets the mood and ambience of your living space. But what are the best lamps for large spaces?

Choosing the right fixtures will help transform your surroundings, creating a balance between functionality and style. It will also enable you to better appreciate the internal architecture of your home, will showcase key décor features and, when used creatively, will augment the overall genre you have selected.

In fact, whether you’re aiming for a classic feel or are after something more fun and modern, the world is your oyster when it comes to contemporary options.

When looking for the perfect lamp, one of the main aspects that need to be considered is purpose. Are you trying to make a statement and add drama, do you want to create a sense of closeness and warmth, or will you need something more contained that will provide you with the right luminance for a spot of reading while curled up in your favourite chair?

It’s also important to avoid common mistakes like using the wrong colour temperature, creating unwanted shadows and installing fixtures that are disproportionate to your available space. If you’re dealing with a particularly expansive room, getting these aspects right is key. Find out more about what not to do in our article on frequently made design blunders.

Here is our professional guide demonstrating how to pick out the perfect lamp for large spaces.

Lamps can be used to make a large space feel smaller or more intimate

Having an opulent living room with plenty of floor space is a luxury and definitely instils a sense of grandness in your environment. But in order to add cohesivity and warmth, it’s important to choose accessories that will draw the eye in, tie all your elements together and create intimacy. This is especially relevant as evenings settle in, temperatures drop, and you start craving a touch of cosiness.

Lighting is one of the best ways to achieve this and, when used correctly, will fill up spaces that seem empty and unused, give you the right luminance and soften the edges, make everything feel more private and familiar.

This is best done through ambient lighting which enhances the glow of a room and can be modified with the use of dimmers. Remember to use a bulb that emits a warm white light of between 2700 and 3000 Kelvin (K).

Table lamps are great for reading and providing task lighting

laguna lamp

Task lighting provides a more localised luminance that can be used in areas where you are doing something that requires concentration and focus. This would include food preparation in a kitchen, working at a desk or reading while relaxing in your sitting room. It can be integrated into any living area and used with both ambient and accent lighting to create a complete and beautiful interior.

Table lamps are ideal for this kind of use and are wonderful when it comes to adding a decorative element to your space. They are also convenient to switch on and because they only light up a specific area, won’t disturb other people in the room who are being more convivial. Have a look at the Laguna by Artemide for inspiration.

Floor lamps can be used to add height and drama to a room

Best Lamps For Large Spaces

Floor lamps are widely revered in the world of interior design because they are highly versatile, wonderfully functional and add both height and drama to any lounge.

Because the majority of your furnishings like ottomans and coffee tables tend to be at similar heights, a floor lamp is a marvellous way to bring in an extra focal point and some dimension. We believe they are as important as beautiful pieces of artwork. Take the Under Arches creation by Mogg, for example, which adds an element of fun and fascination to a large lounge.

They are also perfect when it comes to filling in negative spaces, especially if you have a big sofa in a corner where nothing else will fit. Because they take up minimal room, they can easily fill the gap while simultaneously bringing in some substance and casting either an accent or task light in the allotted area.

Wall sconces can create a cosy atmosphere and provide extra light

Best Lamps For Large Spaces

Wall sconces are an ancient lighting concept and were originally used to hold candles. These days, they are able to provide a key lighting source but are more often used to set the ambient lighting effect in your room by supplementing other light elements. They create structure, cosiness and drama and will bring a touch of personality to your interiors.

They are also a wonderful way of highlighting essential design features in your room like pillars, a bar area or a beautifully pressed ceiling. And people often use them as a standalone décor element because they are the epitome of elegance. The Nenufar Collection by Serip, for example, is both whimsical and etherial, creating a romantic sense of allure.

Aside from your lounge, they are ideal for hallways, bedrooms, staircases, dining rooms, kitchens and even commercial spaces, making them one of the most versatile options available.

Chandeliers are perfect for making a grand statement in a large space

supernova chandelier boca do lobo

If you want to make a statement, chandeliers are it! Not only do they provide plenty of light, but they can also become the focal point of your room and anchor your furnishings by bringing them all together.

When working with a big area, a chandelier will make the ceiling height appear lower, therefore creating a sense of intimacy and togetherness. And no matter which one you choose, they are undoubtedly spectacular, adding grandeur and sparkle to any aesthetic.

With so many options in contemporary lighting you’ll be spoilt for choice but our crew absolutely love the Supernova by Boca Do Lobo with it’s cataclysmic features that resemble an exploding star.

In Conclusion

Lighting is a key element to any home refurbishment project but particularly impacts a sitting room where guests are invited in and made to feel welcome. So choosing the right combination is essential to the look and feel of a room and will add to the artistic flair of the space as a whole.

At FCI London, we have a range that will dazzle you and our dynamic team of interior designers is on hand seven days a week to guide your choices, ensuring that your world is illuminated in no time. Get in touch and let’s chat about your design dreams.

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