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3 Benefits Of Stainless Steel Appliances In Kitchens

When it comes to modern kitchen designs, stainless steel is a look that can be rather divisive. While many people think of this material as cold and clinical, we’ve found over our 35 plus years in interior design that the benefits of stainless steel in kitchens outweigh the negatives.

FCI’s senior interior designer, Cristina Chilira, explains why the industrial look can in fact be modern and chic and what to look out for when choosing stainless steel appliances.

1. Why stainless steel appliances are a popular choice

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have long been the top choice for commercial kitchens because of their durability and easy-to-clean surfaces. In modern home kitchens, these appliances have become increasingly popular in recent years for the same reasons.

“When you consider the heavy use that most kitchen appliances must endure, you can see the appeal of buying items that won’t scratch easily and will resist rust and stains over the course of many years,” says Cristina.

“Not only do they last longer than appliances made from softer materials, but they are also very easy to clean. Fingerprints can be wiped off in a flash and you can instantly shine up dull surfaces with a clean dry cloth. Even stubborn messes can be cleaned up with a special steel polish and minimal fuss.”

Stainless steel is non-porous, which means dirt and liquids in particular can’t soak into its surface. Not only does this make it easy to clean, but it helps to keep the surfaces hygienic. “

This is a major reason it’s so popular in restaurants, where chefs prepare many dishes for hundreds of diners,” explains Cristina. “It also makes stainless steel in kitchens great for homes with children and animals.”

2. Matching stainless steel appliances with your kitchen style

At FCI London, we’ve been designing interiors – including contemporary kitchens – since 1985. While trends come and go, a key question that our clients ask us is how to effectively match appliances and furnishings to a specific kitchen style.

“People are sometimes a bit scared of stainless steel,” says Cristina. “They see it as very industrial, very cold and lacking in personality.”

Cristina explains that while this is not entirely untrue, it’s all about balance. “If you decorate your whole kitchen in steel and the walls in greys and whites, you will undoubtedly create a clinical effect with little warmth or unique style. You have to balance the colder materials with colour and quirky fittings that reflect your personality.”

Cristina goes on to say that you have to understand which materials bring a feeling of warmth and comfort and incorporate those into your kitchen design.

“Wood fittings are an absolute winner if your appliances are in stainless steel. You can make them warm and cottagey without being rustic. In fact, wood and stainless steel are a beautiful combination that is currently very popular with our kitchen clients.”

She suggests adding wooden countertops, wood-framed chairs and painted wooden cabinets to soften the steel effect.

When it comes to colour, this is really where you can really create your own stamp. “Don’t be afraid to add colour to your kitchen, whether it’s on your walls or your cabinets. If you’re not keen on bright colours, add a soft blue or light sage green to bring out the warmth in the wood and offset the steel appliances.”

3. How to create the stainless steel appeal

Making stainless steel look great in a kitchen is all about how you use it.

“One of the easiest aspects of stainless steel is that very few colours clash with it,” says Cristina. She outlines some of the key colour schemes and why they work so well.

Basic white: White accent colours are clean and vibrant. They make your kitchen look fresh and bright, adding an open, spacious feeling. Hot tip: make sure to add a pop or two of colours within your overall scheme to avoid the space looking too bland.

Shades of brown: This feeds into the wooden fittings. Brown hues bring warmth and the appeal of nature, giving your kitchen a warm and cosy vibe. For a brighter scheme that includes brown shades, choose mocha or taupe to lift the steel, like a sunlit forest.

Vibrant colour pops: Stainless steel appliances look appealing with both warm and cool colours, but it’s important to stick to one colour palette. Opt for either cool colours such as blue, lime and green or go with warm combinations like red, orange and yellow. Just don’t mix them up or you’ll have a confusing colour clash that won’t do anything to enhance the stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances at FCI London

We have a wide range of kitchen appliances for you to browse, but if you’re looking to redesign our kitchen, we highly recommend an online chat or in-store visit with one of our consultants.

Our expert interior designers will show you examples of kitchens that we’ve designed and help you pick the perfect colours, fittings and appliances for your space. Get in touch and let’s chat!

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