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Hot New Bathroom Trends For 2023

As one of the most frequently used and multifunctional spaces in your home, designing a bathroom is far more intricate than you might think and demands both attention to detail and a high level of out-of-the-box thinking.

Creating both a functional and stylish space that exceeds the expectations of current bathroom trends is a challenge for even the most demanding of customers.

Stylistically, it has the potential to be sensational but aesthetics count for nothing if you don’t pay attention to its overall functionality, ensuring that every facet and faucet is both meticulously placed and works like a dream.

Luxurious touches like heated towel rails and opulent shower heads make all the difference if you’re giving it spa-appeal, and lighting should be both sensible and ambient. I also believe in giving storage close consideration and am a stickler for bespoke cabinetry – it makes all the difference to a seamless experience.

There’s no doubt about it, great bathroom design requires a healthy financial investment and at the end of the day will increase the value of your home. But getting it right means future-proofing your style and ensuring that it will see you through long-term, allowing for growth and adaptability should your family’s needs change over time.

With all that said, 2023 is going to be a spectacular year for bathrooms, allowing for flexibility, imagination and a good dollop of glam. So it’s a great time to take on that pending refurbishment project and allow your creative juices to flow. Here are my predictions for the hottest new trends.

1. Bathroom tile trends and materials for 2023

Modern elegance is the name of the game in 2023, and tile choices are a great way to establish this.

But before you rush off and select something whimsical, remember that quality is key. Look for properties like surface hardness, wear resistance, linear thermal expansion and slip resistance – all of which will dictate the longevity and effectiveness of your tile.

Here are some emerging trends that are here to stay:


  • Geometric tiles are all the rage and add a creative sense of texture and pattern to your aesthetics. Hexagons, chevrons and penny tiles are the most popular shapes and can be used to create gorgeous feature walls and mosaics.
  • Sculptural and relief tiles are also fashionable at the moment, giving your space a three-dimensional feel. Use them in your shower area or above the basin to add interest and difference.
  • Large-format tiles in various (geometric) shapes are maintaining their lead when it comes to top interior design choices. Why? Because they’re bold, contemporary and have the ability to make a room look larger. They are also easier to both install and clean – a bonus for busy modern lifestyles.


  • If you’re looking for luxury, marble is a must-have. Timeless and sophisticated, its natural beauty, unique patterning, resilience, and light-reflecting qualities are likely to keep it in vogue for years to come, making it one of the most desirable options for 2023 and beyond. Available in an array of tile sizes and colours, it’s best matched with shades of black, white or grey and compliments other natural materials like stone, wood and metal.
  • Ever-popular terrazzo, which is made from coloured rock chips and cement, has been a long-standing choice for bathroom floors and is now bringing modern elegance to your walls. Not only is it multi-dimensional and supremely attractive, but it’s also a practical choice in terms of maintenance and durability and is compatible with underfloor heating. A great choice if you love to play with colours, it’s one of my favourite trends for the emerging year.
  • Wood will be featured in small quantities and used as an accent in conjunction with either white or coloured tiles in muted tones. It adds a classic, rustic appeal that creates warmth and a welcoming aesthetic. Practical choices comprise oak, walnut or pine – all of which, when properly treated, will survive a bathroom environment.  


If you’re taking a monochromatic approach, one of the newest trends is to choose the same tile throughout and create texture and patterns by changing its orientation in different areas. For example, try positioning it vertically in your shower and then use it horizontally in the rest of the room. This is a great approach for small bathrooms where a bombardment of colour will be too busy and overpowering.

2. Bathroom colour trends for 2023

Whether you’re tiling, painting, wallpapering or focussing on your floors, colour is always key. And while white and grey, especially in marble, will forever remain classics, the biophilic influences of 2022 are ever evolving and will have a continued impact on what’s hip in the new year.

Muted tones that bring a bohemian richness, resonate with nature, instil calm and promote mental tranquillity are at the top of the pile. Think sage green, hazelnut, mint, dusky pink and ocean blue or mix it up with a more moody shade of earthy tones like terracotta, clay red or midnight blue.

If you’re looking to add a touch of character while sticking to the theme, metallic tiles are it. Copper, bronze, gold and silver keep things cosy and inviting while introducing some extra sheen.

Bathroom wallpaper is also in vogue, but more importantly, so are digitally printed ceramic tiles that copycat a classic wallpaper design. This trend promises to add a touch of dynamism to your space, giving you free rein to create areas that look upholstered without the nightmare of stains and water damage.

If you do decide to go with traditional wallpaper, however, choose one that is either fibreglass or vinyl based. Like tiles, they’ll need to be cleaned regularly in order to endure. 

3. Key bathroom styles for 2023

Although the bathrooms of 2023 look to have sleek, simple features, layering your textures, colours and materials to create interesting nuances is the new art. Pair textured woods with glass, shiny metals or ceramics or go even further afield by mixing two complementary styles together. Combining industrial accents with a Scandi vibe, for example, is a marriage made in heaven.

Having said that, one of the most prominent new themes is an underlying sense of naturalness that embraces the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. This celebration of imperfect beauty, organic shapes and natural materials encourages an earthiness that makes for a tranquil, homely aesthetic.

Adopting an open-space concept is also key, leaving the room looking basic and uncluttered and adding to the overall sense of calm.

4. Bathtub and shower profiles for 2023

Bathtubs and showers are high on the list of design features and come in a vast array of colours, styles and forms, with an oval shape gaining the most interest in 2023.

There is also a leaning towards non-traditional materials, making unusual options like stone wood and marble a viable choice.

The shower cubicle is also a new trend, equipped with powerful jets that bring feelings of wellness and nurturing as well as LED lighting to set the mood.

For small bathrooms, glass showers are in, giving the illusion of space and allowing all tile work to be fully on display. And integrating the bathtub into the shower zone is an ongoing design idea that keeps the wet area sectioned off from the rest of the room.

5. Bathroom sink and faucet ideas for 2023

Contemporary sinks mimic the bathtub trend, boasting unusual uses of material and colour. Generous, geometrically shaped basins are having an upswing and are elegantly rested on countertops rather than submerged. But there’s also a leaning towards monolithic, freestanding units designed to give impact and create artistic flair.

Matte finishes are all the rage complimented by gold or metallic accents that include faucets and cabinet handles.  

6. Bathroom furniture and accessories suggestions for 2023

Creating a sense of hygge to ensure a tranquil, nurturing experience is brought about by décor choices and involves all things natural and organic.

Wooden ladder shelves, soft rugs, modern oval or circular mirrors embellished with brass, gently scented candles, sisal laundry baskets and plenty of plants all have their place in connecting you with nature and instilling peacefulness.

Pay special attention to your cabinetry making sure that whether you go for an open look or prefer it to be behind closed doors, there is ample storage space and the appropriate amount of lighting to match.

Invest in pieces that harmonise with your general theme, making the entire ensemble look tidy, effortless and unquestionably stylish.

In Conclusion

A bathroom refurbishment is a big deal and will last you for years to come so no matter the trends, choose a theme and colour palette you can live with long-term. 

Our FCI London interior design team is here to guide your choices, equip you with all the trimmings and ensure that you fall in love with your end result, no matter what you’re aiming for. Call us today and let’s have a huddle about all the possibilities.

Author: Benjamin Ibanez – Interior Designer, FCI London

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