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Discover the Best and Worst Interior Design Trends this Season

The showroom is transitioning from the cool, light colours of summer to a rich red, yellow and orange palette. There is a hint of pumpkin spice in the air, and we’re swapping our strappy heels for some leather boots; fall is here.

As the team prepares for the new season, we stole some time from one of our interior designers, Benjamin Ibanez, to find out what trends are out and which are in for this season.

The Best Trends for this Season

70s-style interiors have been the hallmark of this year’s overall design statement and for fall this means cosy, organic modern interiors. According to a latte holding Ben, everything is earthy, vibrant and nostalgic, and we love it!

Rich Earthy Tones

Luxury this Fall will resemble a cosy cabin with a vintage-inspired twist. Colour is a staple and you can expect to see a lot of decor accents  in mustard yellow, hunter green and cobalt blue.

The bold hues will be softened by furniture pieces in natural textures such as bamboo, wood and rattan. Ben adds that apart from accessories, these colours, particularly green, will be used by designers to live up kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and entire walls.


The timeless checkerboard pattern is set to take on a muted approach this season. When in neutral colours, a checkerboard floor or wall tile, adds an elegant touch to a room.

For a more subtle incorporation, add the print through rugs, bedding, ceramics and resin trays.

Smoky Glassware

Coloured glasses have found a way to maintain their presence at our tables throughout the year.

Whereas in summer and spring the glassware was bright and vibrant, for Fall, we are replacing these with smoky glasses in the familiar Autumn colours.

Leather Furniture and Upholstery

Soft leather sofas in rich tones are the perfect anchor for this year’s nature-inspired interiors. “We have begun seeing increased interest in our luxury Italian leather collection as designers introduce this look in homes across the country”, Ben remarks.

A touch of leather will also work well on your kitchen stools and dining chairs. Stick to contemporary styles for a modern look. 

Natural Stone

You won’t go wrong with adding marble elements to your home.

We recommend a marble tabletop, wall accent or smaller items such as candle holders, vases and lamp bases.

Opt for cool classic tones, and warm brown and red hues for an aesthetic that is befitting of the season.

Curved Silhouettes

True to the 70s, the soft silhouettes of curved and sloped furniture are making a comeback this fall.

Instead of square-arm sofas and boxy accent chairs, introduce graceful lines through arched bookshelves, curved seating and a waterfall coffee table.

A great example is these Gem Armchairs by Gamma & Dandy.

Dark Wood 

It’s time to say goodbye to modern Scandinavian-inspired blonde wood furniture and accents.

In these colder months, there will be a noticeable shift towards darker wood tones paired with moody paint colours. Incorporate this trend through side tables or furniture legs, or show it off when you entertain through wooden serving boards.

Vintage and Sustainable Decor

If you have been patiently waiting for the right time to bring out those gorgeous vintage pieces you’ve been storing away, you are in luck. The bold and unique patterns of vintage vases, planters and scatters are just what you need to complete your fall decor.

 Don’t have any items handed down to you? Shop our sustainable collection to join this environmentally friendly trend.

The Worst Trends for this Season

Now that you know what to shop for, what are the 8 looks you should perhaps move on from this fall?

All-white Interiors

The all-white interior trend has come to an end. You won’t have to look for white pumpkin decor to add to your white candle collection.

“The all-white aesthetic felt a bit impersonal”, Ben tells me. And I agree!

This fall you are at liberty to add flavour to your home through saturated coloured rooms that feel cosy and welcoming. 

Monochromatic Spaces

Similarly, we are seeing a shift away from monochromatic spaces, not just for fall but for all seasons. Instead, as interior designers, we are introducing lots of fine details when we furnish, decorate and layer artwork in homes.

People are spending more time at home and we need a variety of textures, colours and material mixes to make them feel comfortable.


The beloved Boucle. This soft fabric has had its fair share of the spotlight over the past two years.

Unfortunately, it is time to have your boucle seating reupholstered as we move on from its white and cream look.

If you must, rather turn to faux shearling throws for a similar effect.


By all means, do not be modest when shopping for your fall decor. In the spirit of maximalism, 2022 interiors will be a warm combination of nature-inspired elements complimented by interesting patterns.

Ben feels strongly that it’s time we return to decorating homes in a way that reflects the people who live in them. 

70s Wall Hangings

As much as the 70s are the main inspiration for the season, not all elements of the style are making the cut. We are all macrimé-d out!

These accessories do not have a place in your pre-winter decor. 

Faux-distressed Furniture 

In a bid to create a vintage aesthetic, faux-distressed furniture had begun to make its way into homes. Items that look worn but aren’t are on their way out. Instead, opt for rich leather tones and genuine wood furniture that will gracefully age over time. You can also shop collectors for genuine vintage rugs that have been around for years.


The rich fall tones are better expressed through wall paint than they are through the wallpaper.

Some great ideas include painting a room’s ceiling, adding two-tone split-level walls, or drenching an entire room in a beautiful sage.

Even painting your front door or a small corner of your home can transition your space into the season, Ben says.

Decor Without Purpose

Homeowners have previously adorned their homes with any sort of bits that happened to either be in the fall colours or were representative of the season.

As we move towards more sustainable design, interior decorators will use functional elements to communicate the season’s style. 

Coloured candles, glassware, vases and linens will take precedence over random ornaments that serve no other purpose besides being decorative.

Final Thoughts

At the forefront of your design plans should be the desire to combine good looks with a healthy dose of positivity. The goal is to create liveable, comfortable spaces that will bring warmth as the outside temperatures drop.

Ben wraps up our chat by stating that the underlying theme for our projects this fall will be to give our clients attractive, cosy spaces that they can look forward to spending time in and sharing with their friends and family.

If you would like to discuss any of these ideas further with Ben or if you need any guidance for your project, just book a free design consultation. 

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