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3 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Property

When preparing to sell, you need to be smart about home improvements; not all upgrades will increase your property’s value.

Based on resources, you can either decorate, remodel or add prime features such as storage. Here are the top changes you can make that will make a difference.


Modern kitchen remodel


Kitchen remodels yield the highest returns – A £10 000 investment can potentially add £25 000 to your selling price. Henceforth, allocate the bulk of your budget to aligning the room with current standards. 

For a complete redo, replace old appliances with new, more energy-efficient models – find inpsiration in our contemporary appliance range, then update cabinets and their handles with modern ones. Upgrade your countertops and invest in a new sink and faucet.

Don’t forget the backsplash, a new baksplash is an inexpensive way tol tie your kitchen colour scheme together and add a point of visiual interest.


The second most important update to make is to your bathrooms. Single bathroom homes aren’t attractive to home buyers. If your home only has the one, you are definitely going to add a second one.

Just like the kitchen update the cabinetry, hardware, floor and plumbing. A luxury market will appreciate heated towel rails and designer fixtures but these are not a must for a standard house.


Lighting can uplift a home to make it appear more elegant and more welcoming. Focus your attention on bringin in LED  or recessed lighting which are popular options with buyers. Go a step further and introduce energy-efficient lighting and dimmer switches.

Consider also illuminating your fornt and back yards, this can up your home’s curb appeal and boost its value.


Upgrading your home’s flooring is one of the most effective ways to transform your space. However, keep it consistent. dispaarte flooring puts off most buyers so choose a floor treatment and stick to it throughout the property.

Raise Ceilings

Often overlooked, raising your ceiling works wonders especially for single storey homes. The added height gives an illusion of increased space. Buyers see them as a custom feature and sre willing to pay more for them.

When comparing similar homes, the one with the high ceilings will likely fetch a higher price than the one wihtout.


Realtors will attest that staged homes sell faster and at a higher price than unprepared ones. Of priority are: a new coat of paint, fresh plants, plus a luxurious home scent. Furthermore, layer textures in your  living and sleeping spaces and introduce mirrors, bold accessories and modern window treatments. 


Painting is one of the least expensive home improvements that can increase the value of your home.

Start from the outside going in. You want potential buyers to fall in love with your property from the moment they drive up to it. A good exterior paint job also lets buyers know that your home is in good repair. 

For the interior, avoid bold, bright or saturated colours. Instead, opt for neautral tones and ensure the paint work is to a professional standard.

Fresh Plants

Plants instantly make your home more inviting whilst infusing touches of texture and colour in a subtle way. You can either use flowers or stick to greenery, either way you will be adding a touch of elegance to your rooms.

Flowers will not only enhance the warmth of the decor, they will also make the entire home more stylish. Not sure where to place them? Any living area, kitchen, bathroom or office would do well with some foliage.


Have you ever entered a home that smelt luxurious and inviting? The scent of a home can determineh ow much time potential buyers will spend in an open house. Be careful not to over do it with dense perfumes that will leave guests light headed. We recommend gravitating towards the following:

  • Citrus – lemons and orange scents smell fresh, and give off a fragrance that lasts for a long time.
  • Herbs –  choose rosemary, thyme or basil, especially in the kitchen, this will create a warm and welcoming feeling for buyers.
  • Vanilla – a classic, vanilla that makes a room feel cosy.  Grab a vanilla candle or make your own scent using vanilla beans or extract.


The better the design of a walk-in closet or fitted wardrobe, the more value it will bring to a house. When preparing to sell, extend and refresh existing storage to outrank competing properties.

As homes becomes the centre of our lives, our storage needs are evolving. Good storage space is no longer a luxury but is a need for most home buyers.

Everyone wants more, and better storage, if you can dedicate entire seprate rooms to it, its  a huge plus. Here are the top areas to focus on if you’re selling.

  • Laundry room – these are dominating buyers’ wish lists, particularly if they are after a substantial family home.
  • Built-in closets –  a must, the bigger the better.
  • An additional room that has storage space and also has the potential to become a home office.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, when selling your home, focus on presenting a home that is comfortable, practical, and designed with features and technologies that match market expectations. 

Our interior designers are ready to help you identify areas in your home that need imporvements. We will also present you with ideas on how to create a functional, beautiful space — and prevent you from making pricey renovation or design mistakes.

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