How To Interior Design a Studio Apartment Layout

How To Interior Design a Studio Apartment Layout

The studio apartment – is a compact solution for urban living. These small flats are ideal homes for the minimalist urban dweller. What resembles a box when empty can be transformed into a contemporary masterpiece fit for the cover of any interior design editorial. Here’s how to give your studio apartment both style and functionality. 

1. The benefits of interior designing a studio apartment layout

If you don’t give careful thought to the layout and design, studios often look cramped or bare and uninspiring.

A studio is essentially an apartment that consists of one open plan area that caters for your living, dining and sleeping needs. The only separate room is the bathroom. As interior designers, our goal is to visually divide the space so that you end up with separate functional zones which flow seamlessly into one another.

We’ve been designing interiors for almost 40 years and we’re experts at helping you plan your space, no matter what the size. Even in small spaces, the right layout and furnishings will make your home feel big and airy. Whatever you lack in square metres, we will make up for in the design.

2. How to make the most out of your space

Everyone uses their studio differently: entertainers might prioritise their living room area, while someone working from home needs a comfortable table in the dining area.

The first step to planning your layout is to decide what size you need each of the three zones to be based on their value to you. With that decided, furniture placement becomes important.

As a rule of thumb, stick to three main pieces: a bed, a couch and a dining table. Following the rule of threes, these furniture items will create a visually appealing triangle that will pull the space together.

Any other furniture you add should take up as little floor space as possible. Work vertically instead of horizontally and opt for bookcases or shelves that go up the walls in narrow rows.

3. Clever ways to add storage

Chances are there are few to zero built-in cupboards in your flat. The solution? Furniture with storage compartments. Any item that has additional pull-out drawers or hidden bins is a smarter choice than a single-function piece. Spend your money on clever furniture choices that can be used in a variety of ways. 

If space allows, add a rolling kitchen island with lots of drawers and use this as both a cooking workspace and storage for groceries, crockery and small gadgets.

Secondly, shop for a couch with long deep storage at the bottom where you can tuck away your linen, towels and other small collectables.

Your best storage opportunity will come from underneath your bed. Depending on the nature of your belongings, you can use suitcases, chic boxes or long drawers to keep the bulk of your items out of sight. Some beds come with custom storage drawers built into the base.

Finally, In the living room, substitute your tv stand with a trendy dresser for increased wardrobe space.

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How To Interior Design a Studio Apartment Layout 2

4. Tips for creating separate living and sleeping areas

Zoning requires a balance between separation and cohesion. The easiest studio layout is one where a sofa is placed with its back facing the bed. This floor plan is effective and allows you to watch television from both the couch and your bed.

However, when your living space and bedroom area must face one direction, you can consider partitioning the room with an appealing modern divider. Opt for contemporary designs such as the Etruria Bookcase by Longhi. Dividers also work well where there is a need for privacy. 

A more subtle room division is the use of a small coffee set or a coffee bar placed between the bed and the living area. The tables can double up as workstations.

Similarly, console tables can also work as desks whilst also forming a partition within the room. Lastly, pay attention to where you put your artwork. The wall art in your sleeping area should not overlap with the living area. This distinction adds to the visual separation of the two spaces.

5. Tips for creating a stylish and comfortable living space

It may sound contradictory to encourage repetition in a space where we are trying to achieve separation, but the two do work hand in hand. There needs to be a theme, colour, or pattern that is repeated in the three zones of your apartment so as to achieve flow and harmony.

Find opportunities to introduce symmetry. For example, add bedside tables to both sides of your bed, or create a symmetrical gallery wall. Arrange your sofa cushions symmetrically or add decor elements to either side of your TV.

When it comes to lighting, you can really elevate your flat by choosing fashionable light fixtures. Make use of layered lighting for a more sophisticated look. Avoid clutter at all costs. Your personal style statement should be communicated with the use of as few elements as possible.

Being a small space, it’s no surprise that our last tip is to play around with mirrors; the more the merrier! Don’t be afraid to cover a large wall section with a statement mirror – it will open up your space significantly.

6. How to make your apartment feel like home

Home is about the familiar and the personal. For your apartment, that means adding touches that are unique to you.

First on the list is a home scent. Decide on a scent and carry it through all parts of your studio through the use of diffusers and room sprays. The aroma will welcome you home every time you enter through the door.

Every home needs a touch of nature. Bring natural elements such as plants, foliage, baskets, marble, wood or stone decor elements and spread them across the unit to bring the outside in.

For a warm touch, bring different textures into your home and layer them for a rich comfortable feel. Add throws to the couch and bed and plush towels in the bathroom. Let us create a custom rug for you with a design of your choice – you can choose the size, material and print. Finally, invest in good quality, fragrant candles. After a long day, their soft burning flame will help you kick back and relax.

Make the most of what you have

With the right design expertise and decor, your studio apartment can be an absolute stunner! Whatever the size and shape of your flat, there is a clever way to bring out the best features of the space. Follow our guide or get in touch for a chat with one of our designers who will help you create your perfect space.

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