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Home Décor Trends You’ll Regret Purchasing

Timeless or just a fad?

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to distinguish between home décor trends that are here to stay and elements that will soon make your home look like a poster for outdated decor.

Even after spending a lot of money and time on them, some decorating ideas will simply not have the staying power that you would want them to.

Nobody wants to invest in items that everyone would have moved on from in a few years. Here are a few trends that will not stand the test of time.

1. Black Tapware

Black tapware

Black is certainly having its moment. You have probably added some sort of black appliance, window treatment, cabinetry or tapware to your home this year.

We love this colour’s versatility, but, when it comes to tapware, the cons seem to be outweighing the pros. 

Regardless of what finish is on your taps, the rich colour is going to fade over time. Soon your taps will look more grey than black.

Additionally, homeowners have found these mixers fussy, especially those with a matt finish. The big rule of thumb here is don’t use ANY cleaners on your black taps.

Fancy doing your makeup in the bathroom? Any powder residue that falls on your black tapware will leave them looking cloudy when wiped away.

With such high cleaning demands, we do not see homeowners turning to black tapware much longer.

2. Bubble-Shaped Sofas

The bubble-shaped sofa has been part of a move towards furniture with curved lines. While it looks good, we do not see this or any futuristic-looking sofas having a timeless presence in homes.

Traditionally, we have seen that sofas with over-scaled arms simply do not age as gracefully as those with clean, classic lines.

If you have already bought one, don’t rush to give it away. Perhaps you can have it reupholstered in a primary colour and move it to your kid’s room to create a whimsical mood. Alternatively, surround the sofa with boxier furniture to balance out the curves.

3. Exposed Bulbs

Exposed light bulbs home décor

The warehouse chic aesthetic has resulted in a wave of commercial and residential spaces that are proudly illuminated with exposed bulbs or edison lights. This home décor trend has dated quicker than most.

Design is taking a turn towards more minimalist and rustic designs, so it is just about time to start thinking about taking those antique lights down. 

Instead, opt for cone shapes or bulbous body shades that have a more timeless aesthetic.

4. Word Décor

Home decor trend of word art

Probably one of the biggest home décor trends of the last ten years, the sun is finally setting on word décor. Enough is enough for the ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ wall art, and illuminated word boxes!

Word decor has just become too common for it to add any real decorative significance to a room. 

Rather spend your money on a unique piece of meaningful art that will add interest to your spaces. An original print will look great on your walls for years to come.

5. Bouclé Upholstery

Boucle upholstred chair

The debate on whether Bouclé upholstery is timeless or just a home décor trend is a heated one. No doubt, this fabric popularised by Coco Chanel is an iconic part of design. But, is it perhaps better in our closets than it is in our living room?

Whilst we love the warmth and cosiness of a Bouclé sofa, they have proven to be rather impractical for the average home.

Having a giant piece of white furniture that is hard to clean comes with glaring challenges. 

Resultantly, you will have to keep your furniture away from high traffic spaces, and protect it from kids and pets.

This all seems like too much effort for a piece of furniture that you are meant to find comfort in, so we predict that we will be seeing less of Bouclé. 

In Conclusion

Unless you are committed to transforming your home through every design season, we suggest that you do not go overboard with trends.

Invest in pieces that will last for a long period, at least for the main furniture items.

We have found that truly timeless home décor is that which is rooted in history and can be found throughout the course of time. 

Chat to our expert designers for professional advice on which design elements and styles you should be investing in.

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