how to choose throw pillows for sofa

Choosing throw pillows for your sofas can often be a more daunting task than choosing the sofa itself. So we asked our team of expert interior designers to share their secrets on how they choose the perfect throw pillows for their projects.

Meet the Experts:

Cristina Chirila
Senior Interior Designer at FCI London
Ricardo Jarjoura
Architect and Interior Designer at FCI London
Lauren Austin
Interior Designer and Content Manager at FCI London
Benjamin Ibanez
Senior Designer and Business Development Manager at FCI London

1 – Start with the Size

According to Benjamin, the first step in choosing throw pillows for a sofa is to decide on the size; “you don’t want your pillows to be so big that they overpower the sofa, and they also shouldn’t be too small or they’ll feel out of place. So to strike the perfect balance, you need to be mindful of your sofa size when ordering throw pillows for it.”

Of course, when we say to choose your throw pillow size, we don’t mean to restrict you in terms of size as Ben himself loves mixing pillows of different sizes and shapes together for visual interest. Here’s an example from one of his many stunning projects:

how to choose throw pillows for sofa

2 – Decide on a Number

Ben further explains that once you’ve decided on the size, the next step is to figure out how many throw pillows you need. “For most sofas, odd numbers look best and they are the easiest to work with – whether you’re a pro designer or just an enthusiast. If you’re going for a minimalist look with large pillows that match your sofa, then you can also get away with an even number of pillows, like by arranging one or two pillows on each corner or by arranging four of them in a row.”

Here’s an example of decorating with four throw pillows from Ben’s recent interior design project in Kenya:

how to choose throw pillows for sofa 1

3 – Textures are as Important as Colours

“If you truly want to decorate in a designer’s style, you have to get out of your comfort zone and play around with different materials and textures. This really helps you create a space that reflects your personal style,” says Ricardo. “I see most clients being too focused on the colour of the throw pillows and when it comes to choosing the material, they want to play safe and just go with the same fabric and material for all of them. I personally love how leather and fabric throw pillows can come together to give sofas a luxe appeal.”

We can see this concept in action at our award-winning Knightsbridge project, where our designers went with different throw pillow fabrics along with a throw blanket to create a really cosy living room:

how to choose throw pillows

4 – When Arranging the Pillows, Move in an Order so the Smallest Pillows are Towards the Centre

“While there are many different ways to arrange throw pillows on a couch, this is the easiest one that anyone can manage,” says Cristina. “Just arrange the pillows in a way that the biggest one is on the corner and as you move inwards, their size gets smaller. If you have multiple throw pillows on a sofa, you can decorate with sets of three pillows while following the same rule, as I did for my Telfords Yard project.”

How to Choose Throw Pillows for Your Sofa

5 – Don’t go Overboard

“With how cute throw pillows look, it’s easy to get lost and buy loads for even a small sofa. It’s actually one of the most common design mistakes we see people make. So while it’s great to have fun and experiment, don’t let your sofa get lost under all your throw pillows,” says Lauren. “And considering the latest trends, if you want my advice for this year, it would be to play around with geometric print throw pillows. They look great for both indoor and outdoor projects, especially when you mix and match.”

We couldn’t agree more with Lauren on this one. Geometric prints are going to be the next big thing in interior design trends and they look fabulous on solid and neutral-coloured sofas, as you can see in these beautiful shots from our Bushey project:

how to choose throw pillows 3

Throw Pillow Styling Ideas from Our Designers’ Projects

We love how our designers use throw pillows to further enhance the stunning projects that they work on; here’s a round-up of our favourites:

Whether you need help with choosing sofas, throw pillows or decorating your space in general, our interior designers are here to help. Just book a free design consultation and they’ll be in touch to help you decorate your dream home.

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