What is a Trundle Bed?

According to Benjamin Ibanez, senior interior designer at FCI London, “a trundle bed is basically a bed frame with another bed or mattress concealed underneath it, so you get an extra bed that can be hidden away when you don’t need it. While traditionally their purpose was just to have an extra mattress in your home for any unexpected guests, these days they’re considered a very multifunctional and space-saving piece of furniture that is used in routine, especially in the kid’s bedrooms. Even adults with studio apartments or smaller bedrooms are now preferring trundle beds over regular beds because they get to save both space and money with them.”

Types of Trundle Beds

Ben further explains, “these days, the lines between trundle beds, daybeds or sofa beds have become quite blurry because you can literally get anything that you want. Many manufacturers actually classify daybeds and sofa beds as types of trundle beds. You can even find bunk beds with a third mattress underneath them so essentially they can also be classified as trundles.”

So broadly speaking, you can find trundle beds in these types of designs:

  • Day Bed

Mostly used in hallways, libraries or next to the windows, day beds have arms on two sides and often resemble the look of a bench.

day bed trundle
  • Sofa Bed

A sofa bed resembles a sofa in terms of design and usually, it will have two arms and a back. The tumbler is concealed under the sofa and it can come with or without wheels. Because of their sofa-like design, they’re best suited for the living room or the guest room.

sofa bed trundle
  • Bunk Bed

While normally only 2 kids can share a bunk bed, a trundle bed gives the option for 3 kids to sleep. The third bed can also be hidden away when not in use.

bunk bed trundle
  • Captain’s Bed

These beds come with a lot of storage which can be in the form of drawers, shelves or both. They’re best for bedrooms and guest rooms as you get plenty of space to store bed linen or other items.

captain bed trundle

Pros of Trundle Beds

Space Saving & Ideal for Hosting

With most home residents in the UK facing a shortage of space, be it storage or otherwise, space-saving furniture has become the norm which is why we’ve been seeing a rise in the popularity of trundle beds.

Increased Level of Comfort as Compared to Mattresses

If you compare trundle beds with other sleeping options for guests such as inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags or even the couch, they’re obviously much more comfortable.

More Cost Effective Than Other Counterparts

While a trundle bed will cost more than a normal twin-size bed, it will cost less than a full-size bed even though it sleeps two people.

Many Options to Choose From

With all the types of trundle beds available in the market today, you can literally be spoilt for choice. It is also very easy to find a trundle bed that complements your room’s design and colour scheme.

Cons of Trundle Beds

Not a Viable Option for the Elderly

For the elderly or individuals with mobility issues, it can be difficult to get in and out of the trundle bed, especially if they’re trying to sleep on the lower mattress. One way around this is to invest in a ‘pop up’ trundle bed which has a folded frame concealed with the mattress. So when you pull out the mattress, you can unfold the legs to bring it to the same height as the upper mattress of the bed.

3 Best Trundle Beds to Buy

Meet the Experts:

Benjamin Ibanez

Originally hailing from Spain, Ben holds the reins of all our big development projects around the globe including the US, UAE, India and Africa. A self-confessed workaholic, he is voted most likely to retire in the FCI office, curled up on a Gamma & Dandy sofa with a cocktail in hand.

Ricardo Jarjoura

Lebanon-born Ricardo is our architect extraordinaire who studied and cut his draughtsman teeth in Lebanon before moving to London. His other superpower is his radiant zest for life, a true ray of sunshine that influences everyone he connects with.


Cristina Chirila

Romanian-born Cristina has been obsessed with interior design since before she could talk, frequently rearranging the interiors of her doll house as an early indication of her career choice. Her other passion is cooking, where she can be found applying her design inspirations to Masterchef quality dishes.

We asked our interior designers to share their top trundle bed picks, and here’s what we got:

1 – Camaleo Trundle Bed by Twils

“Camaleo is the one I would recommend if you’re looking for a trundle bed for the kids bedroom or a teen’s bedroom because it has the look of a sophisticated twin bed and it looks great when customised in bright and bold colours.”

– Benjamin Ibanez

2 – 2Much Bed by Twils

“For a contemporary living room, I would recommend the 2Much bed by Twils because of its simple yet modern design and unlimited customisation options. Twils is a leading Italian brand that is especially known for its bed linen and fabric collection so you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best quality upholstery for your bed. And while most trundle bed frames have three sides, 2Much only has arms on two sides which makes it a more convenient option because if you set it away from the wall, the individual sleeping on the top mattress can easily get on and off the bed without disturbing the one on the lower mattress. So it’s both; a beautiful and practical choice.”

– Ricardo Jarjoura

3 – Summertime Bed by Barel

“For adult bedrooms or traditionally styled living rooms, I really like the Summertime bed. Unlike most trundle beds in the market, this one comes in a solid iron structure that has been forged by hand to give it its classy and unique look. The mattress underneath it comes with folded legs and wheels so it is one of the most convenient thunder beds you’ll find and both kids and adults can easily sleep on it.”

– Cristina Chirila

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of a trundle bed?

Traditionally, trundle beds have been reserved at homes for any unexpected guests so they have an extra mattress to sleep on in the living room or the guest bedroom. But these days, trundle beds come in such high-quality structures and designs that they’ve become a part of both kids and adult bedrooms too, especially if your kids often host slumber parties. Even individuals with small bedrooms can benefit from a trundle.

Q. What age is a trundle bed for

Trundle beds are best suited for kids and young adults because it is not easy for mature adults or the elderly to get in or out of lower mattresses.

Q. Can adults sleep on trundle?

Good quality trundle beds are comfortable enough for adults to sleep on, as long as they do not face any mobility issues. For example, most of our trundle beds come with orthopaedic mattresses, while the strong structure is upholstered in high-end leather or fabric – making them more than comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

Q. Are trundle beds comfortable?

The comfort level of trundle beds depends on the type of bed you buy. High-end trundle beds like ours offer an exceptional level of comfort for both kids and adults.

Q. What to look for when buying a trundle bed?

If you’re planning on buying a new trundle bed, it would be best to start by defining your budget. Next, shortlist the type of trundle bed you want (bunk bed, sofa bed, day bed, etc.) and the materials you prefer in terms of the bed’s structure (wood, iron, etc.,) and upholstery (leather or fabric). It is also important to measure the space where you plan on setting up the bed and then shop for a bed that can easily fit in that space while leaving enough room for the lower mattress to be pulled out.

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