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Interior Design Colour Predictions for 2023

2023 has been dubbed as the year to bring about a “new normal”. After enduring a period of gloom, we are all eager to surround ourselves with positivity! Interior design colour trend predictions for 2023 are all about happiness.

As such, you can expect optimistic and bold colours to grace both commercial and residential spaces as we seek to awaken our interiors.

This maximalist trend will be made up of bold colours such as blue, green, orange and red. 

There will be several ways to invite this energy into your home through wallpaper, paint, furniture and decor elements. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom… no room will be spared!

1. Blue 

Blue colour trend 2023

Next year, there will be two distinct colour groups: nude tones and bold shades. Blue will remain popular amongst the bold colours, but it will reinvent itself and be used in different ways.

You can expect to see a less saturated and greyed out shade of blue being used as a total look in monochromatic designs. Alternatively, interior designers will use small touches of this inviting blue as an accent in the living room or kitchen.

Maintaining their presence in decor are ocean blue, navy and indigo. Think vases, blue sofas, pillows and occasional chairs. Mix up different textures and dimensions to create depth and visual interest.

One of the reasons why this colour will stay with us in 2023 is that it pairs well with most neutral colours such as grey, white, beige and taupe. Additionally, blues are at home in traditional interiors, as much as they are in transitional and contemporary spaces.

2. Green

Green design trend 2023

Over the past few years, green has become an essential for interior design schemes. Used as a symbol of life, different shades of green will continue to be popular options for walls and furniture due to their calming effect.

Paired with neutrals, this colour will be used to evoke a sense of being surrounded by nature and foliage. We love green because it is uncomplicated and full of depth.

Most interiors will showcase this reassuring colour in a mix of earthy tones, hessian and natural materials for a striking accent that adds warmth without being overbearing.

A softer grey green will be favoured for living rooms, whilst aquatic tones will be reserved for the bathroom.

If you are working on a commercial spa revamp, consider a restful olive green which brings an enveloping feel but also sits quietly, allowing its surroundings to take centre stage. 

3. Yellow 

Yellow furniture

Dulux recently announced Wild Wonder as its colour of the year 2023. This yellow-tinged shade fits right into the narrative of creating energised and positive interiors.

We predict that yellow will make a dominant yet uplifting and cheerful presence in homes big and small, over the next twelve months.  

With such a wide palette to choose from, we look forward to a lot of experimentation with this colour from interior designers.

Ranging from muted pastel to mustard and bright mineral, yellow can be used just about anywhere in the home. That being said, it is more effective in busy spaces, such as your kitchen or hallway, or in dark north-facing rooms that need some brightening up. 

Used in an open plan space, an earthy tobacco shade with its rich golden hues, will allow your artwork to pop out from the walls.

4. Black and White 

Black and white interiors 2023

It’s no surprise that black and white will be a part of the incoming trends. This dramatic combination is an enduring one, and will remain popular as contrasting colours in interior design.

You can interpret this trend of contrasting colours through two-toned: walls, flooring, cabinets and fabrics to create a striking visual effect.

The beauty of using black and white as a backdrop is that it will allow the bright colours we are expecting to see to pop.

This palette is also flexible and can look classic or mod, depending on its use. Consider using it to awaken a dull bathroom, or make a statement in your entryway with a chequered floor.

5. Metallic Finishes 

Metallic decor trend

This year, we saw a lot of metallic detail being added to interiors, and this trend will continue to be popular with a focus on gold and copper.

Gold looks like it is here to stay, whether in a brass yellow or in softer champagne shades. These tones will bring the touch of elegance and cosiness that will tie design schemes together.

Gold tones are also a perfect choice for complimenting the vintage decor accessories that we are seeing more and more of.

On the other hand, copper will remain the go-to metallic shade when you want to introduce a statement industrial fixture into a room, or when you need to bring in warmth and luxury.

Turn to copper to add contrast to a warm hallway, cosy restaurant, upmarket bar, neutral kitchen or workplace.

Some of the metallic accents you can look forward to seeing are: lighting features such as this Cleo Chandelier from our custom FCI lighting collection, photo frames, bathroom ware, and kitchen appliances.

6. Clean Lines and Minimalist Designs 

Minimalist furniture 2023

We conclude our list with a look at how all this colour will translate to furniture design. Sustainability will continue to take precedence, and this will show in the preference for natural clean lines in furniture over intricate alternatives. 

Minimalist layouts and clean-line furniture will be used as a canvas to emphasise the bold ornamentation and detailing that will be added to interiors.

Consequently, mid-century modern design will gain in popularity with the style being achieved through lighting, furniture and accessories.

Our eyes find it easy to follow clean lines whether they are vertical, horizontal, or curved. So, use them to visually simplify your spaces. This trend is about making a statement with a few bold pieces, then sticking to a neutral palette for the rest of the room.

In Conclusion

One takeaway we have gotten from spending more time in our homes, is to never underestimate the power of a well designed space. 

Colour plays a massive role in how we relate to our surroundings and how our rooms impact our emotional and mental state.

Our talented interior designers are always available to help you translate these trends in a way that makes sense. 

Before you begin redecorating, give us a call or visit our showroom and we will direct you to the right colours to use so that you create a space that you are happy with.

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