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8 Kitchen Colour Trends for 2023

When it comes to décor, kitchen colour trends play more of a role than you might think. Why? Because not only does the colour change the look and feel of your space, but it also affects your mood, experience and how you interact in that environment. And, as the heart of the home, choosing the perfect hue for your kitchen is especially important.

We can all agree that kitchen layout and functionality are the foundation of your overall design, but as a place of gathering, celebration and nurturing, setting the tone is what gives it that extra edge.

So whether you resonate best with crisp clean white, love finding your zen amidst shades of green or want to keep appetites healthy with a splash of red, give your kitchen a refresh that will help the good times roll.

Our expert team at FCI London have put together this guide on kitchen colour trends for 2023, but they’re so hot and happening that we certainly won’t be surprised if they maintain their popularity well into the future.

1. Go modern and edgy with black and white

Yes, it’s a classic. Yes, it’s been done before. Yes, we’ve seen it for decades. But black and white are here to stay. Modern and luxe, this edgy combination provides limitless opportunities from using it as a focal point on your central island to finding fun floor tiles that bring texture and interest.

Add glass fronts to black cabinetry to prevent it from overpowering your space or simply introduce it as an accent colour on your splashbacks, door handles and accessories. Keep it simple and paired back or get a little daring by adding a bold pop of red or berry blush.

When it comes to classic kitchen colour trends, black and white also pair beautifully with neutral tones, so include some natural wood or gentle greens to soften the overall aesthetic.

2. Bring in some calm with biophilic green

If you’re angling for something tranquil and easy on the eye, natural tones of green are just the ticket. In fact when it comes to kitchens, green has become the new blue! With a focus on wellness and a connection with nature, biophilic design is at the top of the list for most interior specialists and it’s a trend that’s definitely here to stay.

With a myriad of different shades to choose from, finding one you love certainly won’t be an issue. But stick to earthy tones like muddy green, olive, mint or sage to create that gentle boho or Scandi style.

Gorgeously refined with pale marble countertops and cabinetry, you can also add wooden accents to create a more rustic feel or blend in a touch of yellow to create interest and a sense of fun.

3. Get on trend with playful pink

A fad that’s showing no signs of fizzling out in the world of kitchen colour trends, pink is fresh, warm and (we think) utterly delectable. From a subtle splash of it on your walls to hard-core all-pink cabinetry or a standout Fuschia central island, it’s a colour you can really experiment with to create versatile nuances when it comes to your kitchen aesthetics.

Mixed with black, grey, navy or concrete, it’s surprisingly masculine and will give your space an edgy feel. Or add a touch of either green or blue if you want something dramatic and invigorating.

You’ll discover a match made in heaven when it comes to adding metallic elements, so brass up your door handles and faucets, introduce an accent of silver or create some extra glam with a dash of rose gold.

4. Find some warmth in earthy tones

Certain kitchen colour trends never go out of style. Earthy palettes of terracotta, deep plum or brown bring a beautiful cosiness to your kitchen, making it homely and inviting. Elegantly future-proofed with modern touches of black, cream or white, it’s an easy palette for introducing exciting accessories made from leather, rattan or sisal which will help give your space a comforting, rustic appeal.

Part of this trend includes natural wooden cabinets and countertops, which until recently have been hidden in layers of paint. But with a newfound resonance with all things natural, there’s a fresh celebration of grains and textures that brings depth and dimension to your space.

Think burnished gold finishes to add some bling and you’ll have something that is sure to stand the test of time.

5. Take your pick from fifty shades of grey

High-impact and timeless, grey is a kitchen colour trend that is set to be in vogue for years to come. And there’s a science behind it. Because not only does it give you a neutral space in which to add an almost limitless number of accent colours and accessory options, but from a psychological perspective, it oozes positivity.

Popular modern variants include practical greige (a combination of grey and beige) and dramatic charcoal but using a paler shade to replace white as a less sterile way of injecting a neutral tone is also on trend.

Grey represents minimalistic luxury and has a relaxing effect when it comes to setting the mood. It’s also the perfect choice if your kitchen is open-plan, giving you free rein to add colour to adjoining spaces without the risk of a clash.

6. Add some sunshine with a splash of yellow

If you’re looking for kitchen colour trends that glow with happiness, go yellow. It’s bold, bright, certainly unexpected and surprisingly chic and will transform your kitchen into the most uplifting spot in your home.

A perfect colour choice if your room is deprived of natural light or if you’re just after something fun and invigorating, it creates such a burst of colour that you don’t necessarily have to go all out.

So instead of committing to a full set of cabinetry or all your tiling, add accents of it in the form of accessories or create a feature with some patterned wallpaper.

Butter yellow is a current favourite, but explore your options before you decide because from gentle cream to rich saffron, there are lots to choose from. Gorgeous against grey or paired with natural woods, it’s a choice for the brave… or for those who have a penchant for retro design.

7. Transform your kitchen with teal

The perfect blend between green and blue, teal is a colour that represents balance and rejuvenation and instils a room with a sense of peace and calm. So it’s really no wonder that this kitchen colour trend has been topping the charts after the emotional upsets the planet has experienced over the past few years.

Wonderful with wood or combined with contrasting colours like dazzling white, pale grey or lilac, it brings a sense of freshness to any kitchen aesthetic. So choose a shade of it for your cabinets and kitchen island for an impactful look or use it to bring a pop of spontaneous colour to a neutral foundation and add some accessories in the same hue – you’ll be surprised what you can find out there right now.

8. Stay true with a mood-altering blue

Some kitchen colour trends are made for tranquillity. Harmonious and peaceful, blue has been in for quite some time and although some think that its popularity might be waning, there are so many shades to choose from that at least one of them will carry the torch well into the future.

Chalky blue is the current favourite and, when paired with white overhead cabinetry and wooden accents, brings a sense of lightness and ease to your kitchen. But if you’re aiming for a more efficient vibe, opt for a deep navy instead.

Fabulous new kitchen design trends for 2023

Aside from all the new colour options, there are some wonderful kitchen design trends predicted for 2023 which should be part of your considerations when it comes to the overall composition of your space.

There’s a new outlook on splashbacks and worktops, a leaning towards matte rather than high-gloss fronts, an integration of touchless technology, a huge focus on optimal storage options and a definite interest in making them pet-friendly zones. So get on board, get designing, and most of all get cooking!

In conclusion

If you’re embarking on an exciting new kitchen refurbishment project and need some inspiration and advice, the design team at FCI London has your back. Come in and see us today – we can’t wait to turn your dreams into a reality.

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