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Interior designers are forever searching for inspiration to better our homes to create beautiful spaces allowing us to escape from everyday life.

Table lamp
Table lamp

Usually with trends we think what was in fashion years ago is now retro and bold.

Contemporary Vintage

The admiration of vintage styles remains apace and the 60s and 70s are back.  Nevertheless, there seems to be a fondness for soft and subdued colours that, whilst reflecting a retro style, add a touch of modernism.

A great example of this trend is our Acanthus Nickel Table Lamp by Heathfield that brings a sculptural, decorative design finished with a black base into every exquisite interior. It’s available in an elegant and luxurious Nickel finish, so you can use it to enlighten every exquisite event of your life. Acanthus makes the difference when it comes to modernity and good taste.

The Avid Demand for LED lamps Remain

The development in LED light bulbs is such that they are now becoming almost indistinguishable from their old-fashioned tungsten equivalent.  The developments we are likely to see this year include the better ability to dim this type of bulb as well as “warm-to-dim” technology.  This means that when you dim an LED bulb, the colour of the light becomes warmer as the light grows less bright.  Factually, LED bulbs did not warm as they became less bright.

Ornamental Lighting with ‘Texture’ornamental table lamp

Improvement in technology and materials have left us to some exciting looking decorative lights. We are seeing more laser printed organic looking fixtures and shades with texture – fabric and even feathers! Lighting interior design has seen a lot earthy tones like greens and browns, reinforcing that cosy feel.

A great example of this interior design trend is this table lamp by Heathfield pictured on the right. Ariadne is inspired by old centuries’ elegance. It has a vintage design, but redefines modernism by the use of modern materials. This glass piece is mouth blown into a wooden mould and finished with a delicate Smoke lustre. You can place it in contemporary interiors; you’ll be surprised of the refined and classy note it gives to your interiors!


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