luxury interior design tips

Trying to decorate your home by yourself can sometimes be tricky. You may find yourself often asking ‘am I doing this right? ‘when it comes to every decision. Someone with a trained eye and years of experience can easily call out some of the possible pitfalls.2

Colour Choices

Colour and light and the connection between the two is a sensitive thing and they need to be sensibly well-thought-out. You must not pick the first one you like and begin. Doing this can cause major problems as the fluorescent lighting in the paint store can even alter the colour. We recommend:

  • Choose three shades of the colour you like—one you believe is going to be right, one you think is a bit too light and one you think is a bit too dark.
  • Put all three swatches up on your wall
  • Go away
  • Come back and take in the three shades
  • Go away
  • Come back again and repeat
  • The lighting by now will have changed throughout the day. Do you still like this shade the best?
  • After a day or two of this technique you will know which shade is right, and it might not be the shade you thought was going to be perfect. Even we, as experienced professionals, insist on following these steps because colour and light, and how they interrelate, are a funny thing.

Uneven Art18

I’m sure you have been into a home before and noticed the present artwork is always hung too high or too low. Art is best viewed at eye level. If there are many pieces of art in one room, hang them all at the same level if you can, unless a piece of furniture is in the way. We suggest hanging art at the average women’s eye level which is said to be around 5’4.

Boring Interior Design

One of the biggest mistakes is choosing things because you believe they will go with everything or making decisions based on individual pieces rather than the overall design plan. We recommend:

  • Step back and re assert the goal of the room
  • How should It look?
  • What is its function?
  • How should it feel?
  • Collect inspiration pictures and make a mood board
  • Mark everything against this rather than choosing one piece at a time

This will create a unified, focussed space.

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