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Best Interior Design Trends for 2023

There’s a certain sense of excitement that comes with embarking on a home refresh and, if you love to stay in vogue and are looking for new ideas, you’re probably itching to find out more about the best interior design trends for 2023.

Our top décor specialist, Ricardo Jarjoura, has been at the forefront of emerging styles for many years and believes that mindfulness has become a significant approach towards creating beautiful interiors.

“It’s about finding a balance between one’s personality and the intent of a space”, he says. “Our aim is to merge function, form and emotion and use current aesthetics to augment your lifestyle and state of being”.

With wellness, simplicity and sustainability at the top of the list when it comes to key focal areas, Ricardo believes that 2023 is going to be a humdinger. Read on to stay ahead of your game!

Feel the flow

Creating a positive atmosphere and a sense of well-being has a lot to do with the flow of movement within a room, so before you turn your head to gorgeous furnishings, consider your layout.

Shared spaces shouldn’t be cramped or invasive, so allow for plenty of distance between zones, create divisions for greater privacy and investigate the benefits of top influences like wabi-sabi, feng shui and incorporating a sense of hygge. You’ll find more on these in our article on Japandi.

Engage with nature

Yes, it’s been one of the most talked about interior design trends for quite some time, but blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living is becoming even more prolific, not only through biophilic design and earthy colour palettes but also by bringing our actual garden spaces into our homes.

So, foster some flora and ramp up your plant content – we’re talking about large-scale rockeries, bigger indoor trees and creating an internal setting that reflects the views from your windows.

Support local

If you subscribe to sustainability, which given the current global warming ramifications is one of the design industries’ top priorities, then make sure your interiors are filled with locally-sourced furnishings.

Think about what fabrics and materials are readily available in your neck of the planetary wood and incorporate them as much as possible. This will help to lessen your carbon footprint, honour your immediate environment and ensure that your home-grown community is given the opportunity to thrive. Include recycling in this manifesto by frequenting thrift shops and antique outlets – their offerings have become all the rage.

Promote wellness

Self-care and facilitating healthy living through wellness design is a major focus that’s showing no signs of slowing down. It may take some out-of-the-box thinking, but curating a plethora of elements that promote wholesome habits and mood-boosting environments is the way to go.

From calming colour choices to bigger details like installing an under-vanity fridge in your ensuite for beauty products and medicines or a meditation nook in your study where you can stretch in between meetings are all part of a more considered lifestyle.

Elevate your workspace

Working from home has become the norm and interior design trends in 2023 throw an extra emphasis on taking into account individual needs in order to make them more functional, comfortable, stylish and productive.

Take a fresh look at elements that will promote a happier atmosphere. Things like mitigating mess with lots of storage space, choosing a desk and chair that will provide lumbar support and finding points of interest and inspiration are hot on the list. For some extra ideas, read our article on how to design a work-from-home office.

Luxuriate utilitarian areas

From laundries to front-of-house mudrooms and walk-in wardrobes, style has become an important aspect in every corner of your home. Think of it in terms of overall appeal and make sure that there’s a natural progression from one room to the next.

Part of this interior design trend involves creating clean, organised environments which, once again, endorse wellness and a sense of calm. So embrace the challenge and make your spaces shine from top to toe.

Make every area multifunctional

There’s an upsurgence in making your spaces multifunctional, allowing you to experience the full spectrum of your desired lifestyle within the confines of your home.

Entertainment, exercise, work, meditation, relaxation and gathering together family and friends are all important endeavours, so the art of this type of interior design is to find ways of combining them into reconfigured spaces that still look welcoming, ordered and spectacular.

Celebrate natural light

Infusing your home with natural light has a huge impact on your general health, helping you sleep better, sharpen your focus and elevate your mood.

Aside from highlighting your window space with beautiful blinds or lighter curtaining, bring in voluminous mirrors, reflective surfaces and neutral colour palettes to brighten up your space.

5 décor must-dos that align with the interior design trends for 2023

Aside from the broader aspects of interior design, there are some specific décor trends that are having a hot moment, so incorporate them if you dare:

  • Art Deco is being revisited and minimalism is on its way out. For this reason, we suggest that you embrace at least one of its stylish characteristics like brighter colours or bold geometry and add some ornate details to your aesthetics.
  • Wine cellars are a thing of the past. Instead, show off your collection like an art installation or expand your home bar to look like the real deal.
  • Marble is magnificent and whether you show it off on your kitchen work surfaces or bring it into your bathrooms by using large-format tiles, it will infuse your spaces with elegant sophistication.
  • Oversized lights are a must-have and create both drama and style. So go on the hunt for a pendant lamp that will give your room focus and personality.
  • Meaningful accessories are all the rage and whether it’s your grandmother’s antique vase collection or some artwork that strikes a chord, we encourage you to have them on display for all to see.

In conclusion:

Interior design trends are an ever-changing art form that create environments that reflect both our mindsets and the influences of the outside world. At FCI London, we rejoice in that and love nothing better than to help you make your décor dreams come true.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, call one of our dynamic designers today or pop into our showroom for a guided tour and a chat.

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