Interior Designer Guide To The Best Recliners

A recliner or lounger is one of the most coveted pieces of furniture for any modern home. Not only does it provide comfort and relaxation, but it also exudes an air of luxurious tranquillity. Having a stylish recliner makes you feel like you deserve to lie back and put your feet up – and you do!

FCI senior designer, Lauren Austin, explains the different types of recliners for the ultimate lazy lounging.

What is a recliner?

“Recliners, or loungers, are chairs with a mechanism that tilts the seat backwards and the base forwards and upwards, allowing you to kick back and relax” explains Lauren. “But don’t think of cramped and awkward aeroplane chairs – modern recliners today are stylish, uber comfortable and engineered to perfection. Whether you want a plush palace for watching the big game or a lazy lounger for Sunday afternoons with a book, there is a reclining chair out there that will transform your seating situation.”

Different types of recliners

“Here’s a look at the most common types of recliners with an example of each.”

Lever Handle Recliner: This is the classic reclining chair and likely the image that springs to mind when you think of recliners. The chair has a wooden or plastic handle that triggers the reclining mechanism when you pull, tilting the back to a relaxed position and raising and footrest.

Pull Handle Recliner: A twist on the Lever Handle version, this recliner has a pull handle that is recessed into the side. When pulled, it triggers the recline function and pops up the footrest. You can use your body weight to raise or lower the seat once you’ve engaged the handle.

Wall Hugger Recliner: These are designed for smaller spaces and function using a sliding track mechanism that slides the seat and footrest forward into a reclining position. Therefore, you don’t need much space behind the chair.

Push Back Recliner: These are recliners masquerading as regular armchairs. They also slide along a track, but unlike the Wall Hugger, their primary function is not to save space, but rather to slide into position as efficiently as possible. They are trendy as they can blend seamlessly into your living room furniture,

Rocking Recliner: A favourite of new parents in the know, the rocking recliner is a dual-purpose gem: a rocking chair when upright and a recliner when the mechanism is triggered. Whether you need to rock your baby to sleep or nap alongside her in your comfy seat, this reclining chair is an absolute must.

Glider Recliner: Similar to the rocking version, the glider rocks gently but moves on a track instead of a handle, making the motion slightly smoother than the rocker.

Swivel Recliner: This super fly seat can spin up to 360 degrees ANd recline. They are built on a circular base, allowing for both functions at once.

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Which type of recliner is best for your space?

Lauren says there are a number of things to consider when deciding which recliner to purchase.

“The first factor is space. Recliners are generally bigger than you imagine when reclined, so you need to be sure that there is sufficient space in your room so that it doesn’t feel cluttered. Measure the spot where you want to put your reclining chair and take those measurements with you when shopping.”

“Your next consideration is choice of fabric. There is a myriad of fabrics available, from chic leather to soft chenille and opulent velvet. If you have young children or pets, I would recommend high-performance fabric as it is thick and stain-resistant. This fabric looks similar to leather but is more affordable. Leather is another good alternative as is it extremely durable, but you will spend significantly more on a leather reclining chair. Choose a fabric that complements the existing aesthetics of your room but don’t be afraid to go bold – this is a statement piece and deserves some notice!”

“Finally, get advice from a trusted furniture brand before you buy. A trained interior designer will be able to look at your space and take your home situation into account in order to make the best recommendations. At FCI, we have a team of designers on-site in our showroom to show you around and help you make the best selection.”

Chat with our team and let’s find you your perfect recliner match! Get in touch here or pop into our showroom – we’re open 7 days a week.

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