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If you happen to live in a small apartment or house, built-ins are a real lifesaver. Clever built-ins can be a great way to incorporate functionalities and storage spaces in your home. More than any other room, a tiny bedroom can be a real challenge because there are simply too many items you need to keep and still have a resting place. If you can add some built-in’s, they will be perfect for extra storage and still maintain a streamlined look.

Under the bed cabinets

One of the most space enhancing techniques is having an elevated sleeping platform because it will give you space to place cabinets underneath. Having drawers under the bed is also a great way to save space because you will organize stuff in them and they will be out of sight.

Nightstand ideas

Having a wall-mounted nightstand is a great idea and perfect for a small bedroom. You will have an open space underneath it where you can stash some things like shoes or even books. Mounting the lamp on a wall frees some space on the nightstand as well. If you have a deep windowsill, you can make it the lamp stand or simply build a small shelf besides the bed.


Hanging shelves on the wall is also a great space saving idea. You can arrange all your books as well as any other sundries you have on the shelves without needing to cram them somewhere else. If you have more things to store, you can hang more shelves running the length of the tiny bedroom. You will not lose any floor space but on the contrary gain lots of storage space.

If your bedroom is really narrow, you can build a shelf above the bed headboard, which will make extra storage and if you are quite creative, you can place some light underneath that shelf and do away with the lamp. Of course, if you like to read while in bed, make sure the shelf is high enough not to hit you while you sit.


If your bedroom is so small and has no closet space, you can have wardrobes flanking the bed or you can just opt to skip the nightstand and install the wardrobes on either side of the bed.

Conclusion– These are just a few ideas that will help you make the most of your small bedroom but there are many other things you can do if only you are a little creativity. Remember to paint the right color tones in your small bedroom do you can relax and be clam while resting.

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