Under Stairs

Everyone is looking for extra space in their homes. Home clutter seems to be increasing after every season. With proper storage solution, one is able to have space for their extra property. Most home owners complain about the size of the house being small but the truth is you can do so much more with little space. One of the most unused spaces is under the stair way. Interior designers have come up with ways of turning the under space into a storage unit. One can use it as a closet, an office, study area and lots more!

Below are 10 décor ideas for you’re under stairs

  1. Under stair storage. One can be able to put up shelving units in the stair space. Build up the shelves to look like they are piling on top of each other. You are able to design the cabinets in your own style. It can easily be done at home by following instructions online.
  2. Stair space filled with books. If you are a lover of books and you are looking for extra space to place them, try the under staircase space. It is simple but yet conservative of space.
  3. Under staircase play room. Be creative and set up a play room for your kids. Shelves and cabinets can be built against the walls for the toys to be stored in.
  4. Reading space. Instead of letting your kids use the dining table as a study area, build a simple reading space under the staircase.
  5. In door doggy house. A simple dog house can be built under the stairs. It can be made comfortable and spacious for the dog to live in.
  6. Shoe rack. Most people love the design of the under stairs being a shoe rack store. It is neat and prevents shoes from piling up all around the house.
  7. Coat hanger. This is a famous and easy to use design. Besides the shoe rack, you can make a coat hanger. It is most efficient when you have visitors.
  8. Storage unit. For extra items and products, one can build up cabinets in the stairway space and use it as a storage unit. It keeps your home clutter free.
  9. Inside pouch. Build a nice and simple sit in inside the house. Make it comfortable by designing it with a couch and a rag.
  10. Office setup. Easily setup your small office area in this space and make yourself comfortable.

Tips by www.fciinteriors.co.uk

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